Building Our Diving Store of the Future

Building Our Diving Store of the Future

Mike's Dive Store history reaches back more than thirty years when Mike Calder, who worked at a dive store on Fulham Palace Road, West London, had his vision for scuba diving equipment retail. Mike was a true dive fanatic, loving scuba diving; he also helped set dive club in Kensington, but it was in East Twickenham where Mike Calder opened his first dive store in the early 1990s called Mike's Waterfront Warehouse.

Mike Calder  Founder

Mike Calder (left) - founder of Mike's Waterfront Warehouse

In the 1990s scuba diving industry was booming. With Mike's friendly interpersonal and entrepreneurial skills, the business expanded to 12 Mike's Waterfront Warehouses nationwide, becoming the most popular dive store in the UK, arranging snorkelling and scuba diving equipment for people from all walks of life. It was Mike who arranged scuba gear for Prince William's gap year :-) Mike also helped arrange the first diving equipment such as compressors, scuba tanks and regulators for the newly formed Emperor Divers Red Sea in the early 90s. The Emperor Divers expanded from one centre in Hurghada, eventually becoming the most iconic dive centre operating award-winning liveaboards in places such as the Red Sea, Maldives and Indonesia! 

Mike's Dive Store Shop

Chiswick Headquarters Branch opened 1998 remained almost unchanged till 2020

When I purchased my first diving equipment in 2002, Mike was always super helpful. Some of the gear is still in use and has been serviced by our in-house technicians. 

Our Chiswick branch, founded in 1998, soon became Mike's Waterfront Warehouses Headquarters, where Mike personally helped people choose the best equipment for their next diving adventure. Sadly Mike prematurely passed away in 2009, but his devotion to scuba diving lives on with people who knew him and worked alongside him.

Mikes Dive Store Renovation

Renovation to our Chiswick Showroom taking place in 2021, finding some true ancient diving artefacts

Steve, our present captain, has worked for Mike's Dive Store for over fourteen years. Mike, his son and Steve shared the same passion for scuba diving and coined the motto that holds the value also today "Only the best equipment for the job". Steve knows the diving business like nobody else - having worked as a cruise director on a liveaboard, being an uber-experienced scuba diver and a yachtsman, and working in the retail business, he understands present trends and future challenges. With the new age and information technology playing a massive part in our lives, Steve and his Team are taking Mike's Dive Store into the future, still respecting the traditions set by the founder.

New Mike's Dive Store Showroom

Our Refurbished Chiswick Showroom :-)

...but Mike's Dive Store is not about walls. It is all about the patience to understand the particular needs and wishes of every one of its customers. Scuba diving is more than just a sport, and Mike's Dive Store is more than just a shop: We want you to enjoy diving whilst also playing our part in protecting the oceans we love - with the new shop comes our philosophy - Dive Forever Philosophy: 


Our team of passionate, knowledgeable divers is motivated to deliver customer service unmatched, from equipment advice to fast delivery and after-sales support. We do it in a friendly manner, truthfully, like a diver to a diver and sell only the best stuff we would have used ourselves.


We aim to minimise ecological impact and champion brands and products that do the same. Our intention is to help preserve the ocean and continue to provide a healthy environment for all divers now and in the future. Mike's Dive Store also supports many charities such as:


When it comes to kit, we have the largest range in the UK. We suggest what is individually right for you – products that we believe in - so you can concentrate on enjoying the dive. And this is where the new revolution comes in. We know that, in this busy world, we need to make the shopping experience even better and more accessible. While some people still prefer to visit and try the gear in our Showroom in Chiswick, many shop online and this is where our new shopping app makes it easy for our customers to find and buy the products they need with a flick of their fingers! 

Presenting our new mobile shopping application...

Mike's Dive Store Shopping App



Mike’s Dive Store is the place to go for all your scuba diving and snorkelling equipment needs. Our London store has the largest range of scuba diving equipment in the UK and backed up by our dedicated warehouse which ensures stock of the latest diving gear including dive computers, Buoyancy Control Devices (BCDs), regulatorsprescription dive masks, diving wetsuits and diving drysuits are always available in store and online.

We take pride in stocking the biggest brands in the diving industry including the full range of Suunto dive computers and a massive choice from Aqualung, Mares, Apeks, Fourth Element, Scubapro, TUSA and Waterproof to name just a few. Whether you are after the latest Apeks regulator for cold water diving or a lightweight travel regulator, a fully integrated jacket style BCD or a technical diving wing system, or even a brighter than the sun dive torch, we'll have the perfect piece of dive equipment for you.

Our sister company Mike's Dive Cameras is where you'll find the largest range of underwater camera equipment both online and in store.