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Tusa Bi Focal Prescription Lenses for Dive and Snorkel masks

These bifocal lenses will fit the following dive and snorkel masks:

These lenses will also fit Tusa Splendive II and IV masks which have been discontinued, but if you have one that you want us to insert prescriptive lenses into, just send your mask in and we can complete this for you. In this case we usually recommend changing the skirt (the silicone piece of the mask) at the same time - these are available here Tusa Mask skirt for Splendive II and IV.

You then end up with a brand new prescription dive mask for the price of a couple of lenses and a new skirt.

    Available in 0.5 diopter increments from +1.0 to +4.5 for left and right lenses.


    PLEASE NOTE - You need to purchase 2 of the lenses to make one mask. We assemble these masks free of charge. And please make sure the lenses you purchase are correct as the lenses are non-refundable.


    Side / Sphere
    Right / 1 2 In Stock
    Right / 1.5 2 In Stock
    Right / 2 2 In Stock
    Right / 2.5 3 In Stock
    Right / 3 2 In Stock
    Right / 3.5 2 In Stock
    Right / 4 2 In Stock
    Right / 4.5 1 In Stock
    Left / 1 2 In Stock
    Left / 1.5 2 In Stock
    Left / 2 2 In Stock
    Left / 2.5 3 In Stock
    Left / 3 2 In Stock
    Left / 3.5 2 In Stock
    Left / 4 2 In Stock
    Left / 4.5 1 In Stock
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