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Mares XR Power Plana Tec Fins

The Mares XR version of the Power Plana fins replace the rubber bungee strap with a more technical diving focused stainless steel spring strap for extra durability. The Power Plana Fins are incredible strong as they are made from high quality natural rubber that has been reinforced with 'stringers'.

This versatile fin has been designed to be suitable for all kinds of kicks but is especially good for frog kick. The dense natural rubber material makes the fins slightly negatively buoyant in the water, the short blade them ideal for confined spaces and the vented blade design reduces drag and minimises stress on the ankle and feet.

  • High-quality natural rubber with reinforced stringers
  • Made of nearly indestructible natural rubber, this high performing fin is ideal for all kinds of kicks but particularly frog kicks.
  • The high density material makes the fins negatively buoyant, a desired feature when using a dry suit and a tech rig with steel plate.
  • Unlike competitors' fins, the Mares rubber fin offers a full-shape foot pocket.
  • Stainless steel spring straps 
R 40-42 7-8
XL 43-45 9-12
XXL 46-48 12-13


R 3-4 days
XL 3-4 days
XXL 1 In Stock
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