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Mares XR Cave Line Markers

The Mares XR Cave Line Marker is a non-directional marker that can provide direction and meaning to the diver that laid it but not necessarily to others. This Referencing Exit Marker (REM) is different to other conventional markers in that it can be paired with other markers and personalised to pass on messages to other divers.

The design of the Mares XR marker features large notched edges and line guides to make marking the line quick and easy, even with thicker gloves on. There is also space for personalised messages or information to be written on to the marker.

The Mares XR Line Markers come as a pack of five in a choice of three colours, green, orange and white.

  • Injection molded ABS
  • Supplied in packs of 5
  • Made in ABS for durability
  • Corners removed for ease of use
  • Line guiding curves and grooves
  • Holes for ring/identifier clipping
  • Dedicated surface for marking


Green 3-4 days
Orange 3-4 days
White 3-4 days
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