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Atomic M1 Octopus

The Atomic M1 Octopus is built on the same platform as the T3 and Z3- so has some unique features that make it the choice for certain extended range applications.

The M1 second stage is factory rated for oxygen-enriched mixtures up to 80%. The front cover is unique in that there are no openings in front of the cover. This helps prevent the regulator from turning on if subjected to wave surge or strong currents.

The demand valve body is Zirconium plated brass for fast thermal transfer with a heat sink feature to reduce the possibility of freezing in cold water.

The critical metal components of the demand valve (lever- orifice and spring) are all made of titanium and are completely corrosion proof.

Like all Atomic Aquatics regulators- the M1 has the AFC automatic flow control- Seat Saving Orifice valve design and manual override knob to reduce regulator sensitivity during entries or exits.

Automatic Flow Control video

Seat Saving Titanium Orifice video!



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