Finnsub Bang Wide Dive Torch

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  • Description

    The Finnsub Bang Wide Dive Torch is designed for recreational and sport divers who dive especially in clean water and sea and want intense enlightenment of the largest possible area.

    The Bang torch is a rechargeable dive light developing up to 1100 lumen in a wider 10° beam from the lithium-ion battery. Rather than use mechanical or magnetic switches, the Bang torch uses an accelerometer within the housing that is activated by tapping the light to turn it on/off and switch between the 30% and 100% output modes.

    How do you prevent accidental switching on of the light when out of the water though? The Bang senses when it is out of the water and analyses taps and vibrations to minimise the possibility of accidental activation. If you want to test the light out of the water it just requires a more assertive tap so it knows that you are purposefully trying to turn it on.

    The Accelerometer control is optimised for underwater use, with gloves and the dive light attached to the other hand via the supplied bracket so you may find that if you change mounting option it may need a slightly modified tapping method.

    The torch is switched on / off after 3 consecutive taps with a time span between each stroke of 0.3 to 0.8 seconds. If the rhythm is correct, the dive light blinks briefly after the second tap. Switching power levels is done after 2 consecutive taps with a time interval between each stroke of 0.3 to 0.8 sec. Tapping out of sequence or outside of the time delay and the Bang will ignore further taps for a couple of seconds to prevent accidental mode change or turning the light on or off.

    What is included in the box?

    • Dive light
    • Charger
    • Soft handle
    • User manual
  • Specification
    • Light flux: 1100 Lumen
    • Light temperature: 7000 K (cold white light)
    • Light intensity: 7000 lux/1m
    • Light beam angle: 10°
    • Type of cells : Lithium-ion
    • Input voltage: max. 4,2 V
    • Input current: max. 2000 mA
    • Running time:
      • level 1 (30% of power - 366 lumen): 10 hours
      • level 2 (100% power - 1100 lumen): 2 hours
    • Weight:
      • 250 grams at the surface
      • 70 grams under water
    • The dive light is intended for use up to a maximum depth of 100 m.
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