Suunto Transmitter & Tank Pod Battery Kits Discontinued

Suunto Transmitter & Tank Pod Battery Kits Discontinued

Following on from the huge safety recall of all Suunto Transmitters and Tank Pods, Suunto have come to the decision to withdraw the transmitter and tank pod battery kits from general sale. This basically means that divers will now no longer be able to purchase these kits and perform their own battery replacements.

In a communication from Suunto to Dealers and Service Centres, Suunto said:

Due to the nature of the problem, which was caused when batteries were incorrectly replaced by end users, Suunto Oy has announced that in future battery replacements on Transmitters and Tank Pods will only be carried out by authorised L1 Service centres or above. Parts to replace the battery will only be available to trained L1 service centres who have the facility to test the products after the battery replacement.

Due to this, the 2 pack battery kits for the Transmitter (SS023240000) and Tank Pod (SS023239000) have been discontinued. All battery kits that were on order will no longer be able to be fulfilled and will be cancelled. We apologise for this, but ensuring diver safety is a paramount importance to us.

As a result the kits are, unfortunately, no longer available for purchase from Mike's Dive Store. No doubt divers that regularly carry out their own battery changes will be unhappy but Suunto have their customer's safety to consider and they won't have come to this decision lightly.

As a Level 1 Service Centre we are still able to complete the battery change service for you. We try to make this as quick and convenient as possible for you with a choice of drop off or postal options. You can order and pay for a service online using the button below, give us a call on 0208 994 6006 or call in and see us.

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