Masks with Treated Lenses

masks with treated lenses

When we purchase a new diving mask we consider volume, the material it is made of, strap design, whether it is one lens or two and of course the colour. Protective lenses are fairly new to the market and in the beginning, mirrored or tinted glass was the scuba equivalent of a pimped- up spoiler on a car. Today there is a lot of science behind the manufacturing process of mask glass: anti-scratch technology, polarizing tints and anti-reflective coatings are all widely available.

We all know that mask glass is “tempered”. This is basically a heat treatment that makes it stronger than normal glass. It can withstand increased pressure and tends to shatter into small blunt pieces if broken. There are other treatments today that give some mask lenses a tint or a coating. The primary goals of these treatments are to either protect your eyes from surface glare or enhance colours underwater. As new divers we learn that water absorbs light as we go deeper. Anti-reflective coatings further improve light transmittance into the mask, thus increasing brightness.

Treated lenses aren’t for everyone – as an example they may not be the best type of mask for an instructor because new students like to clearly see approval and encouragement in their teacher’s eyes. For divers that spend a lot of time at the surface however, they will protect your eyes and photographers will appreciate the glare reduction underwater. It is important to follow the manufacturers treatment guides for treated lens masks, as abrasive cleaning using toothpaste or similar techniques can destroy the coating. Remember also that a good fit is the primary reason to buy a mask and not just to look badass!


TUSA Paragon Mask

The TUSA Paragon is a rugged, sturdy mask for tough environments, popular with diving professionals. CrystalView optical lenses are fitted with an added UV lens treatment. This is not just an anti-reflective coating but also a UV 420 protective coating that filters the commonly known UV-A and UV-B radiation as well as High Energy Visible (HEV) light which has the potential to damage the retina in all weather conditions. The CrystalView optical glass increases light transmittance, colour vibrancy and clarity. Corrective lenses are also available for this mask. Use our Mask Builder page to help you find the right ones for your prescription.

It’s reinforced Tri-Mix frame combines three layers for superior strength and it has Polyurethane (PuRiMaX) bumpers for protection. The strong metal cross-beam design adds extra toughness to the polycarbonate frame.

The TUSA Paragon has Freedom Technology which is designed to fit a variety of face shapes. The Fit II skirt design, means that dimples around key areas allow for a greater seal, reduced pressure, and increased comfort. The innovative Angle Strap Adjustor with Side Hold enables vertical (up/down) and horizontal (left/right) pressure on the face to be delicately adjusted for the optimum fit.

Available in a variety of colours – Black, Fishtail Blue, Flash Yellow, Metallic Red, White, Energy Orange, Rose Pink, Energy Green, White/White


Aqua Lung DS Masks

Aqua Lung’s range of treated lens masks come under the banner “DS”.  The Profile, Mistique and Horizon all come with the option of either a Blue or Purple HD mirrored lens. The blue mirrored lenses work best in bright, sunny conditions by amplifying the light and giving higher contrast. The purple (or “Plus”) on the other hand benefits low light and overcast conditions. It enhances warm colours while diving. The lenses are designed to prevent backscatter in shallow water, reduce glare when at the surface and block harmful HEV light.

All the masks in this range have an anti-fog coating and buckle-to-skirt design which allows them to be neatly stored in a pocket (perhaps as a backup mask). 

The frameless Profile has the biggest field of vision with its horizontal and vertical design; the Mistique is best for smaller faces and its low profile makes for ease of clearing; while technical divers will prefer the compact twin teardrop design of the Horizon.


Scubapro D-Mask

The D-Mask is the only mask on the market that features an interchangeable lens system for optional minus, plus and bi-focal optical lenses. It is equipped with UV+400cut™ lenses that filter out high-energy visible (HEV) light as well as UV light, without affecting how colours appear under water. These are “true colour” lenses which means you can still see the diver’s eyes. The Scubapro D-Mask also has a range of skirt sizes (Small, Medium and Wide) and optional Colour Kits.

Scubapro’s sleek design matches the Evo D420 Regulator colour scheme and even comes with an adaptor for mounting the Galileo HUD hands-free dive computer. Rotating buckles and a new black-on-black ComfortStrap optimizes range of motion and achieves a comfortable, watertight fit.

See our Mask Builder page for how to make The Scubapro D-Mask perfect for your own prescription specs.

Available in either black or clear skirt with optional Black, Blue, Turquoise, Pink or Yellow colour kits


Mares X-Vision Ultra Liquidskin Mirrored Dive Mask

This mask is available in either Silver or Gold mirror. As a guide, the gold lens increases visibility in cloudy water, while the silver reduces reflection in shallow water or near a sandy seabed. Depending on the conditions you dive in the most, Mares have made your choice of lens an easy one.

The lenses are raked in towards the cheek bones at the bottom to improve lower visibility which makes it much easier to check gauges and computers. In short - a 20% increased field of vision compared to the mask's predecessor the Mares X-Vision

This mask has an exclusive bi-silicone technology which uses two different types of silicone in its design. The first firmer silicone holds structure and shape around the lenses, while a softer silicone fits to your face. This is 45% softer than other masks which gives elasticity but no leaks.


Atomic Venom ARC Mask

The Venom ARC Mask is designed to give clearer, crisper vision in adverse conditions such as poor visibility and night diving.  It is the number 1 choice for underwater photographers and videographers.

The Anti-Reflective Coating has been applied to both sides of the lenses via a multi-layered metal-oxide coating process. By reducing light reflection on both the inside and outside of the lens, more light can enter the mask. Objects in the distance become more defined, there is an increase in contrast and clarity and the ARC reduces both strain on the eyes and glare.

The ARC Lens Technology also elevates the UltraClear Schott Superwite glass technology to a higher level by reducing the amount of reflected light and increasing the amount of available light transmitted to your eyes by 98%.

The Venom ARC Mask has an internal frame moulded into the silicone skirt for strength. The higher bridge and teardrop shape are characteristics of the SubFrame mask with the low profile and single pane lens of the Frameless mask.


Apeks VX1 Mask

The standard Pure Clear lens of the Apeks VX1 provides maximum optical clarity with no distortion. The second option is a UV Cut lens which protects your eyes from harmful high-energy visible (HEV) light at the surface. HEV light is even present on cloudy days, so this option is a good choice for divers who may be spending long periods of time topside

 (such as dive professionals). Technical divers are also fans of this mask as it has been carefully developed to minimise pressure points on the skin, making it more comfortable when worn on long dives.

This first branded mask from Apeks has matte and gloss areas on the silicone skirt to create a better seal and improved fit and comfort. It is frameless, lightweight and low volume. The mask comes with both a comfortable silicone mask strap and an additional neoprene strap, all in a rugged EVA protective case. Quick Release Buckles with stainless-steel rollers allow ease of adjustment even while wearing thick or dry gloves.

The VX1 is the first product manufactured by Apeks that is shipped from the factory to the shop without any plastic packing materials.

Available in black, white or grey.