Top Tips On How To Choose The Right Snorkelling Mask

Top Tips On How To Choose The Right Snorkelling Mask

Top Tips On How To Choose The Right Snorkelling Mask

Finding the right snorkelling mask that fits your snorkelling needs is one of the most important decisions that you’ll need to make when choosing your snorkelling equipment. After all, your mask is the equipment that helps you see and discover what lies within the underwater world. Your mask then, therefore, needs to fit properly and fits the needs for what type of snorkelling you want to do. 

If you’re new to snorkelling and looking for your first mask, it can become quite confusing about what type of mask you’ll need that suits what you’re looking to get out of your snorkelling experience. With all the different types of masks on the market, choosing a mask can become quite a task! That's why we're here to help! Keep reading to discover more about the different types of masks on the market, their pros, cons, features and uses so that it helps you to find a snorkelling mask that's perfect for you.

What’s The Difference Between Diving And Snorkelling Masks?

So what is the difference between diving masks and snorkelling masks anyway, apart from the price difference? Diving masks are designed for going deep underwater. They’re usually more expensive as they’re made to withstand higher pressures. Usually, diving masks are better quality, with thicker lenses, more durable and designed for going down at deeper depths. Snorkelling masks are mainly designed for the surface or shallow diving. They often use lighter weight polycarbonate lenses that aren’t suitable for multiple dives at deep depths. 

One of the main differences between the two types of masks is price - snorkelling masks are usually cheaper than diving masks. This is because diving masks need to be more durable. 

Different Types of Snorkelling Masks 

When you’ve been browsing masks, you may have seen that there are a lot of different shapes and lens styles. You may be thinking, what style would work best for me and how do they differ from one another? The different types of snorkelling masks that you may of heard or came across during your research are Single Lens Snorkelling Masks, Twin Lens Snorkelling Masks and Full Face Snorkelling Masks. Now let’s take a look at each snorkelling mask and find out their features and differences. 

Single Lens Snorkelling Mask

Single Lens Snorkelling Mask - Mike's Dive Store

Single Lens Masks use a single pane of glass because they don't have an extra bit of frame above the nose which will typically result in a better field of view and more open feel. Snorkelers are more likely to choose this option if they like extra field of vision and find it easier to equalise due to the higher volume that can build up in these masks when skin diving. 

If you wear glasses and are likely to want to fit prescription lenses to your mask then a single lens mask is probably not going to be the mask for you. We have a number of high-quality single lens snorkelling masks in our range, check them out

Twin Lens Snorkelling Mask

Twin Lens Snorkelling Mask - Mike's Dive Store

Twin Lens Masks split the single pane into two. The advantage of this is that the mask may be compatible with corrective replacement lenses that allows users that wear glasses to see much more clearly underwater. 

Splitting the lens can mean the mask is a little bulkier and that the field of view may become interrupted by the extra piece of framework above the nose but as technology improves it is often cancelled out by more advanced frame designs.

Twin lens snorkelling masks are also easier for equalisation as there is less pressure buildup due to the mask being lower volume. We have a number of high-quality twin lens snorkelling masks in our range, check them out

Full Face Snorkelling Mask - Mike's Dive Store


The full face snorkelling mask has recently become quite popular among snorkelers, and there’s no wonder why!

The mask that covers the whole face and is integrated into one system so that you don't have to worry about assembling different parts of your snorkelling gear. The full face mask is perfect for beginners who want to slip on the mask and jump into the water without the fuss of setting up a mask and mouthpiece. With a full face mask, you can breathe easy as you would above water by breathing through your nose or mouth with ease. 

Full face snorkelling masks offer an average 20% larger viewing area compared to traditional snorkel masks. However, if you’re an active snorkeller or someone who wants to partake in many different types of snorkelling adventures, this may not be the mask for you. Due to the design of the full snorkelling mask, it’s only suitable for low-impact surface swimming. So if you like to duck dive or want to swim below the surface to discover the sea creatures below the waves, this may not be the design for you. 

If you love travelling and want to take your snorkelling mask everywhere, this mask might take up a larger space in your suitcase as they’re bigger than your regular snorkelling mask. 

In conclusion, if you’re a beginner snorkeler who wants to enter into the ocean world from above, then the full face snorkelling mask might just be the perfect option for you. 

Check out our favourite full face snorkelling mask, the Ocean Reef Aria QR+, check it out

Things to Consider When Choosing a Snorkelling Mask

When choosing a snorkelling mask, there’s a few things that you’ll want to take into account when making your purchasing decisions. For a brief overview, you’ll need to consider the following before buying your perfect mask: 

  • Face shape 
  • Field of vision 
  • Mask volume 

Your face shape: everyone's face shape is different! So you’ll need to find a mask that fits perfectly on your face. If the mask doesn’t fit or sit properly on your face, you’ll run the risk of mask leaking or mask fog. Both very unavoidable if you find the right fitting mask!

Field of vision: All types of masks have great field of vision, however some are better than others. Some have a wider range of vison due to their design, shape, fit and number lens. 

Mask volume: This is the amount of pressure that builds up in your mask when you’re freediving or skin diving. As pressure increases with depth, the volume of air in the mask will get smaller. A lot of beginner divers prefer masks with smaller air spaces (low-volume masks) as they require less frequent equalisation and are easier to clear if they get flooded with water.

How to Find a Snorkelling Mask That Fits 

How to Find a Snorkelling Mask That Fits - Mike's Dive Store

When purchasing your first ever snorkelling mask, we highly recommend that you try it on first. This is so you can get a better picture of what feels comfortable on your face and the mask that you feel most relaxed in. When trying on your mask to see if it’s the right fit, follow the following steps to ensure that this mask is right for you: 

  • Loop the mask strap over the front of the mask so that it is out of the way and hold the mask gently against your face, making sure your hair is not under the skirt.
  • Gently inhale through your nose. If the mask stays in place with no air leaking in and then it should be a good fit for you.
  • Check that the mask skirt seats evenly against your skin along the entire edge. 
  • Loop the strap back over, adjust the strap for a comfortable fit and put the mask on to see how the mask feels on your face.
  • Try pinching your nose to make sure you can equalise your ears without affecting the fit or seal.

We’re Here to Help

When finding your perfect mask, you’ll need to find one that’s durable and fits comfortably on your face. Luckily, we’ve done the research for you and stock a high-quality range of snorkelling masks that ticks all the boxes. 

If you’re having any difficulty in choosing the right mask for your snorkelling adventures, please email us at where we have a team of scuba diving professionals, here to assist you in making the right decision on snorkelling equipment options. Or if you live locally or in the surrounding areas of London, pop in and come visit us in-store where you can try on a wide range of snorkelling accessories for yourself and get a feel of which styles you like best.