Garmin T2 Transceiver Messaging Update

Garmin T2 Transceiver Messaging Update

A new software update for the Garmin Descent Mk3i series is now available via the Garmin App. Garmin SubWave sonar technology allows the user to exchange preset diver-to-diver messages up to 30 metres as well as monitor tank pressures and depth for up to 8 divers within a range of 10 metres.

Garmin SUBWAVE Underwater Communication

Developed by Garmin, the SubWave sonar-based communication network marks a breakthrough in underwater communication technologies. This innovative system facilitates revolutionary air integration and enables underwater messaging and location sharing capabilities for groups of up to 8 divers. With the required pairing of the Garmin Mk3i Series with the Garmin Descent™ T2 transceiver, divers can communicate effectively within a range of 10 metres. This technology allows users to monitor various crucial metrics of their fellow divers, including tank pressure levels, usage rates, remaining air time, and accurate dive depths. All this information is seamlessly transmitted and displayed on the paired air-integrated Descent™ Mk3 series dive computers, making group dives safer and more coordinated.

Garmin T2 Transceiver Transmitter

Garmin Diver-To-Diver Communication

The SubWave network enhances the underwater experience by simplifying communication between divers. With the capability to exchange preset messages, divers can easily convey essential information or check on their companions without the need for complex signals or surface communication. These preset messages cover a range of common communication needs and situations that may arise during a dive. This feature ensures that, even at depths and up to 30 metres apart, divers remain connected and informed, significantly improving safety and coordination during underwater adventures.

Available messages:

  • Are you okay?
  • Okay
  • No
  • Come to me
  • Safely end dive
  • Help me
    Garmin T2 Transceiver Transmitter

    Garmin AIR Integration

    In addition to ensuring efficient communication, the SubWave system offers the functionality for divers to also track the depths and distances of other SubWave network-connected divers within their group. This ground-breaking feature, which operates effectively within a range of 10 meters, is available when utilizing Garmin Descent™ T2 transceivers in conjunction with compatible Garmin Mk3i Series series air-integrated dive computers. This capability not only enhances the safety of group dives by allowing for immediate location awareness and coordination but also adds a layer of comfort for divers, knowing the precise whereabouts of their companions underwater at all times

    Garmin SonarWave T2 Transceiver