Dive Forever Mask Strap Covers- Turning old wetsuits into new products!

dive forever mask strap cover

Mask Straps by Mindful Manta

Here at Mike’s Dive Store we think it is imperative to run our business in a way that ensures a healthy future for our seas. Among other things, we recycle our packaging, we use green energy, and we donate 1% of our profits to conservation charity Sea Changers. Our latest sustainability initiative is in partnership with Mindful Manta who make pouch-style bags out of upcycled wetsuits. We have joined forces with this innovative company to create sustainable neoprene mask strap covers which will help keep wetsuits out of landfill.

In the UK alone, hundreds of tons of old wetsuits get binned every year. While many wetsuit manufacturers are beginning to use sustainable materials in their products, most suits have a life span of between 1-10 years. The leading global wetsuit manufacturer alone sells 4.5 million wetsuits every year! Synthetic wetsuit waste in landfill is estimated to take hundreds, even thousands of years to decompose.

Mindful manta uses material from wetsuits donated from watersports activity centres. It makes stylish, functional eco-friendly products such as make up bags, purses and pencil cases. The company director is a diver herself and she is of the mindset that by using wetsuit waste, memories from the past can become part of adventures of the future!

The mask strap covers that Mindful Manta produce for Mike’s Dive Store may be small but they contribute to an overall larger impact in helping the environment. Not only are they sustainably produced, but the profits we make from them will go towards sponsoring ghost fishing expeditions. Our chosen charity is Ghost Fishing UK who are dedicated to removing abandoned, lost and discarded fishing gear which is a potentially lethal entanglement hazard to both marine life and scuba divers.

Our Mindful Manta mask strap covers are stitched together using certified organic thread and even the lycra eging is made primarily from econyl, reclaimed nylon from discarded fishing nets and landfill. Buy one of these ethical accessories and help a second good cause at the same time!

To find out how to donate your old wetsuits simply head to Mindful Manta and they will take care of the rest