Amazing Apeks XL4 Ocea Regulator Trade In Deal

Apeks XL4 Ocea Trade-In Deal

Trade-In your old regulators for 30% off a new set of Apeks Ocea

The Apeks XL4 Ocea Regulator is an industry-first, pioneering a new era of environmentally conscious diving equipment. Until the end of December 2023, we're offering a fantastic opportunity for you to own this innovative gear. Simply bring in your old regulator of any brand, trade it for a like-for-like Ocea regulator, and enjoy a 30% discount off the retail price (Terms and Conditions apply).

The Apeks XL4 Ocea Regulator's green credentials are truly admirable. Its black second-stage parts are crafted from recycled post-consumer waste, while the coloured components are made from bio-based renewable resources. The first stage is designed using lead-free Eco brass and coated with Trivalent Chrome plating. Manufactured at Apeks’ cutting-edge facilities, the Ocea regulator not only minimises environmental impact but also guarantees performance durability and effortless maintenance for the future.


1. Purchase your Apeks XL4 OCEA at the TRADE-IN Price
2. Send or bring in your old Stage 3 Regulator Set to us with a "TRADE-IN" note (any brand, any state will do)
3. We receive, check your old reg set and dispatch/hand you your brand new Ocea :-)



Evolutionary Lead-Free Brass in Ocea Regulator

A key component in the construction of the Apeks XL4 Ocea Regulator is the use of lead-free brass, predominantly featured in the first-stage and hose fitting components of the second stage. Unlike typical brass, which contains lead, the lead component in a regular regulator is inert. However, the manufacturing process of lead-free brass is considerably more environmentally friendly. Moreover, lead-free brass exhibits superior strength compared to regular brass, with a hardness comparable to that of stainless steel, making it an excellent material for the demanding conditions of diving equipment. The OCEA's brass components also undergo Trivalent Chrome plating, a process that utilises fewer harmful chemicals, thereby further reducing the environmental impact. By prioritising such materials and processes, the Apeks OCEA regulator solidifies its commitment to both performance and sustainability.


Eco Polymers in Apeks OCEA Regulator

The Apeks XL4 Ocea Regulator's second stage takes pride in its extensive use of Post Consumer Recycled (PCR) polymers, which are predominantly constituted from about 60% post-consumer electronics waste amalgamated with 40% virgin material. This unique blend ensures that the crucial material specifications are maintained while utilizing plastic waste that would otherwise be discarded.

Likewise, Post Industrial Recycled (PIR) polymers are used in the OCEA second stage. These polymers, similar to PCR, leverage waste materials, but these are generated from material manufacturing processes instead of from consumers.

Furthermore, bio-based polymers are utilized in the OCEA regulator. These polymers are comprised of raw materials extracted from renewable resources such as plant and vegetable crops, grown on lands unsuitable for food crop cultivation.

While virgin polymers utilized in the OCEA may not contain renewable resources, our manufacturing facility goes to great lengths to minimize such waste. It does so by maximizing the reuse and recycling of these materials using the process of re-grind. This approach further underscores Apeks’ commitment to environmental sustainability in all stages of our manufacturing process.

Apeks XL4 Ocea Regulator Trade-In Deal

Apeks XL4 OCEA Environmental Features:

  • All the polymers come from the recycling plastic waste process and bioplastic
  • Manufacturing facility powered by the purest solar power
  • It contains Lead-free brass that can be endlessly recycled and is stronger than standard brass.
  • In collaboration with Plastic Bank, each reg set uses about 5kg of recycled plastic

Apeks XL4 OCEA 1st Stage Features:

  • Compact machined first stage based on the expedition tested Apeks DS4 platform.
  • Unique over-balanced diaphragm design - this results in superior performance at depth.
  • With 2 HP ports and 4MP ports for very good house routing and customisation.

Apeks XL4 OCEA 2nd Stage Features:

  • The Compact and lightweight second stage improves comfort and helps reduce jaw fatigue on long-duration dives.
  • High-performance pneumatically balanced lever-operated poppet valve.
  • Large, over moulded self-flushing and controllable purge button.
  • The ergonomic Venturi lever is easy to use and locate.
  • Flexible nylon braided hose has better cold water performance than a traditional rubber hose.
  • Standard metallic hose connection for interchangeability.
  • Comfo-bite mouthpiece has a unique bridge that fits across the upper palate and does not require bite pressure to stay in place.
  • Re-useable mouthpiece clip makes it simple to change mouthpieces in the field.
  • A durable and flexible rubber exhaust tee provides excellent bubble diversion.

We ensure the recycling and disposal of the trade-in regulators align with Apeks' own stringent environmental policy. Don't let this incredible deal pass you by. Visit our store today to find out more about this fantastic opportunity!

Apeks XL4 Ocea Trade In Deal