5 Value for Money Diving Essentials

5 Value for Money Diving Essentials

 We all love a bargain or a stocking filler, especially when they can make a real difference to our diving experience. Our favourite dive accessories will make you more streamlined, comfortable and functionally tooled up, whether you are a recreational or technical diver. See our list of essential “bits and bobs” below that you will never want to be without again.


  • Neoprene Slap Strap

Depending on the design you choose a slap strap either protects an existing silicone mask strap or replaces it completely. They are super comfortable and reduce the chance of your hair getting tangled in the rubber. A slap strap also makes the task of donning your mask an absolute doddle as it simply glides over the back of your head. They can also be worn over a hood. Some come as a complete replacement with Velcro like the Apeks Neoprene Mask Strap or as a cover to thread the strap through, such as the Mares Mask Strap Cover. Today there are also some nifty mask straps on the market which look similar to those used on ski goggles like the Scubapro Mask Comfort Strap. Slap straps come in a variety of colours from all your favourite manufacturers.

  • Spring Fin Straps

Spring straps are the perfect upgrade to a standard rubber fin strap. They are a game changer for putting on fins at the shore or on a boat, particularly when you are wearing a thick dry suit and heavy undergarments. Many spring straps also come with a thumb loop to make donning and doffing even easier! See our selection here on the Fin Accessories page. Never again will you need to miss a dive because the rubber on your fin strap has perished, or the plastic buckle has cracked and broken. At Mikes we also stock rubber bungee fin straps as an even cheaper alternative like these coloured ones from Mares.

  • Buff

A buff -or neck gator as they are sometimes called- can double up as a headband underwater. They keep hair off your forehead (which can obstruct your view) and out of your mask. At the surface they hide your unruly scuba hair and protect your head from harmful UV rays. When diving is over use your buff as a face shield or snood! At Mike’s we stock the quick-drying neck Gaiters from Scubapro.

  • Bolt Snap

A stainless steel bolt snap -or piston clip as they are sometimes called- has many uses.  They are a safer alternative to a carabiner, primarily used to secure backup torches or spools to a BCD or harness D-Ring. Today’s tech shorts or dry suit pockets often have D-rings inside which are attachment points for reels, wetnotes etc. These items are often secured within by a swivel bolt snap or double-ender. Bolt snaps can also be used to get your buddy’s attention. A simple tap on the bottom of your cylinder is much more polite and unintrusive than an annoying metal shaker that can frighten off sensitive marine life. For use in colder water we like bolt snaps with large eyes like these from Mares XR Range, ideal for divers wearing gloves.

  • Bungee Adaptors

Elasticated bungee mounts keep dive computers and bottom timers secured to your wrist far more effectively than straps do. This is because they don’t loosen as your suit compresses with depth. In fact, they have become such a popular accessory item that many computer manufacturers are now providing them in the box as standard. They are very easy to get on and off, particularly of use for technical divers who have a lot of accessories, additional gas and pre-dive checks to focus on. Our Dive Computer Accessories page lists bungee mounts for both Suunto and Shearwater computers.