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Kubi Fitted Dry Glove System Glove Side Half Set

This is the glove side kit for the Kubi Fitted Dry Glove System and includes the aluminium rings fitted to a pair of 1.6mm thick latex outer gloves, a pair of standard inner gloves and a Kubi carry bag. The glove side kit works in unison with the Kubi Fitted Dry Glove Cuff Kit which includes the necessary components required for the drysuit.

The Kubi Dry Glove System was  developed by a highly respected, experienced and knowledgeable cave diver and instructor. The focus is on quality of materials, detail, functionality and usefulness of design. 

Be sure to Test Your Size before ordering to ensure you receive the appropriate ring size. Further information can be found in the Instructions for Use


Ring Size / Glove Size
80mm / Medium 7.5 2-3 days
80mm / Large 8.5 2-3 days
80mm / X-Large 9.5 2-3 days
80mm / XX-Large 10.5 2-3 days
90mm / Large 8.5 2-3 days
90mm / X-Large 9.5 2-3 days
90mm / XX-Large 10.5 2-3 days
100mm / Large 8.5 2-3 days
100mm / X-Large 9.5 2-3 days
100mm / XX-Large 10.5 2-3 days
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