Weezle Undersuit Information

Weezle Undersuit Information

Weezle undersuits are produced to the highest possible specification in the UK and are "suitable" for Recreational, Commercial and Extended Range Diving. Available in two one or two piece, an assortment of colours, sizes and weights.

Has very high Thermal Retention Properties

The ability to retain heat within an undersuit is the key to it's success. We at Weezle believe we have achieved this to a degree that is far ahead of any other undersuit on the market. What's more, the feedback we are getting supports this belief.

Our undersuits success lies in the use of three materials performing together in a unique manner which no undersuit containing a single factor can match.

The outside layer of the undersuit is made from Pertex. This material can often be found in outdoor clothing because it is windproof, water resistant, yet breathable. Several divers have reported that they were unaware of leaks in their dry suits until de-kiting, due to the resistance of our undersuit to water.(For a more detailed look at the materials involved, Check out Undersuit Technical Specification ).

Conserves heat even when wet

The next layer is the filling. This consists of a combination of fibres with different inherent characteristics. The high thermal retention property of the suit lies in this filling. One of the properties designed into the fibre, is the fact that it is hydrophobic (repels water) so even if you suffer a total flooding of the suit, some thermal retention is retained.

Another feature of the material is that it expands to its full potential, this means that you get the maximum heat retention available.

Removes moisture from your skin

Trapped moisture in the fibres of undersuits caused by perspiration has a cooling effect as heat is conducted away from the body. The Weezle undersuit has been designed with a wicking layer next to your skin to remove moisture and prevent heat loss.


The human body gives out moisture constantly, as part of it's metabolic process. The minimum quantity, called 'perspiratio insensibilis' is about 0.5 litre in a 24 hour period. An acclimatized human body can loose as much as 1 litre per hour, without taking exercise into account. Without an efficient wicking system, this stays next to the skin, leading to cooling as the dive progresses. Many suits claim to have this system but few have as higher specification as Weezle suits. Even the most expensive of under suits can carry up to 1% of their weight in water in the fabric. Some Weezle suit wearers have believed that their dry suit has sprung a leak, their under suit exterior was so wet, until they realised that it was in fact them that was leaking. Over heating above water can be avoided by 'vacuum packing'; removing as much air as possible from your suit & then closing your dump valve.

Dries remarkably quickly

Trying to dry a traditional undersuit can be long arduous task and a suit leak in the morning can jeopardize an afternoon's dive. The Weezle undersuit dries so fast that even a serious leak will not affect a subsequent dive. In fact, it dries so fast that you will probably not even both taking your undersuit off.

Has minimal resistance to movement

Due to the soft and flexible nature of the materials used in the construction of our suits, there is amazing ease of movement available. This feature will be of special interest to technical divers enabling freer access to isolation valves etc.

Available with knee length boots

Cold feet are a major complaint of divers. By using the same innovative materials as used in the undersuit, we have not only been able to combat cold feet, but we have taken it one step further. Instead of having an undersuit sock that finishes at the ankle, we have extended it up the leg to just below the knee. This removes that annoying cold spot between the end of the undersuit and the beginning of the sock. Ankle weight wearers will find that this also adds a layer of comfort not featured in other undersuits.

It compresses down to an unbelievable size!

The composite of materials used in the suit construction enable it to be compressed to a silly size. In the case of the Weezle Extreme it ends up around the size of a football and the Weezle Compact will go even smaller.

The spider compression system.

Developed and patented by Snugpak, the spider strap system will compress just about any Weezle suit to almost half its pack volume. The ability to pack the suits into much smaller spaces makes the Weezle Range much easier to include in limited baggage space.

Fully washable

All Weezle undersuits are fully washable by hand or machine. Instructions are given on the care label sewn into one of the inner seams. See Taking Care of Your Weezle for more information.

Anti snag device for shoulder zip suits

From experience we have added a specially designed reinforced shoulder section to avoid that annoying and frustrating suit zip pinch. This will also avoid dragging, snagging and damage to the most expensive part of your dry suit, the dry-zip.

Full body twin slider anti-snag zip

A simple but ingenious twin sliding anti snag fastening system [yes, it's a zip!!]. Specially designed to avoid those annoying sometimes painful entanglements associated with conventional zip systems. The length and the fact that it is twin sliding enables it to be used with a pee valve.

Designed and Made by British Companies

Buy a Weezle Undersuit and you are making an investment in innovative design and manufacturing excellence one of which will give you a generous return through a lifetime of superior performance. Designed by Paul & Hilary & manufactured by hand picked UK manufacturers such as Snugpak who have been making thermal protection gear for nearly 20 years, and has lead much of the development in this product area, including many technical improvements which have been subsequently taken up by others.

Snugpak continues to develop a whole family of fabrics with specialist applications, basing its commercial philosophy on the premise that innovative fabrics are a trigger to evolution in the sport and outdoor industry.