Weezle Undersuit Technical Specification

Weezle Undersuit Technical Specification

Weezle undersuits are made by the layering of three special materials, each with its own qualities. These three materials perform together in a unique manner which no suit containing a single factor can match.


Paratex makes up the outer layer of the suit. The fundamental strategy of Paratex technology involves a unique combination of microfine yarns with ultra-precise thread spacing.

The result is the creation of millions of microscopic spaces, the equivalent of pores in the human skin, and with similar properties ... allowing perspiration out but preventing water coming in.

The fabric’s pores are the perfect size and shape for rapid transmission of water vapour. Added to which, the natural capillaries of the weave draw moisture from the inside and spread it over a large surface area, from which it can quickly evaporate.


The filling is in fact a combination of fibres with different crimp-systems and surface finishes. Its feel is remarkably close to down, and it’s very much easier to care for! It contributes to an almost luxurious softness, with excellent drape, while its loft gives it an a truly outstanding thermal performance.

It's unique combination of fibres actually swells to trap more air when they start to get warm. A surface treatment applied to the outermost layer of fibre, whilst helping to keep the fibre stable and stop migration, also has a degree of inherent water repellency. This extreme fibre was chosen for its resilience and durability in the field and is made only for ourselves and Snugpak in Switzerland.

TS1 sueded polyester

Finally, the lining fabric has a plaited weave in which different yarns are placed on the two faces of the fabric. Microfibre yarns (less than 1 decitex in thickness) go on the outside, while macro-filament yarns (3 decitex) are placed on the inside and are raised to create a short pile.

The pile side has a feel which is very similar to suede - soft and comfortable, warm to the touch - and it traps air and body heat in its fibres.

Its other basic ability is to wick moisture from inside to out. It exploits a basic property of physics - that water will always move from a low to high surface area - i.e. from macro filament inside to micro filament outside.