Apollo Bioseal Neck Seal

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  • Description

    The Apollo Bioseal seal was developed to improve the comfort level of drysuit seals and help achieve a continual leak free fit even as seals start to age.

    Both latex and neoprene lack the surface finish and flexibility to achieve a perfect fit. Natural imperfections in the materials as well as unique characteristics of your skin often mean that minor leaks can occur, especially as the seal starts to deteriorate. Many divers also suffer from skin irritation when wearing a drysuit for extended periods of time. The Bioseal helps with both of these problems.

    The Bioseal underneath your existing drysuit seal to create a perfectly smooth and comfortable seal between your skin and the drysuit seal. It is made from a unique Cosmogel compound gel, which has a very high and extensive stretch rate (1300%-1500%), far superior to standard Latex or Neoprene neck seal materials, increasing comfort and improving its water sealing ability.

    Apollo’s patented Bio-Seal is the ultimate in flexibility, moulding perfectly to the drysuit seal and equally to the divers skin, reducing and in most cases completely eliminating water leakage around the neck area and increasing diving comfort.

    This unique seal material does not contain latex, which helps any diver with a Latex allergy and equally, any users susceptible to skin rash around the neck area.

    Although extremely useful for divers, surfers and a good deal of other water sports enthusiasts will also find the Apollo Bio-Seal neck seal a very useful addition to their water sports equipment.

  • Features
    • M/L 26-37cm
    • L/XL 35/43cms
    • Helps to achieve a continual leak free neck seal
    • Reduces natural Imperfections in drysuit neck seals
    • Greatly reduces neck seal leakage
    • Vastly increases overall neck seal comfort
    • Useful for diving, surfing and many other water sports
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