COMPETITION TIME: WIN a ScubaPro A2 Dive Computer with Transmitter (worth £810)!

COMPETITION TIME: WIN a ScubaPro A2 Dive Computer with Transmitter (worth £810)!

COMPETITION TIME: WIN a ScubaPro A2 Dive Computer With Transmitter (Worth £810)!

It’s World Ocean Day! As we are great lovers of the ocean (obviously!). We thought we’d celebrate this day by holding a competition. But this isn’t just any old competition. We want to get as many people involved in helping the oceans as much as possible and raising awareness of the threats the ocean faces.  

Helping to protect the ocean is at the heart of what we do, which is why we do our best in all of our operations to reduce waste and energy so we can become as environmentally friendly as possible. 

So we want you guys to get involved too! We want you to get down to the beach, river or anywhere where there is water and get creative. Our challenge for you is to create an ocean-inspired sculpture from the litter that you collect on your beach, riverbank, lakeshore cleans/underwater clean-ups.

This competition is a combination between a litter clean-up and an art piece. Get creative and make a sculpture from the rubbish, plastics and waste that you’ve found during your beach cleanups! Your sculpture could be:

  • Your favourite sea creature
  • Anything ocean-related!
  • Ocean-related threats themed
  • Scuba diving/snorkelling/freediving, etc. 

Competition Rules

  • You can submit as many entries as you wish!
  • The closing date is June 30th 2022 at midnight. Any entries submitted after this date will not be counted in the competition. 
  • Please submit your entries to our email here in a high-quality format that accurately represents your work. Use the subject line 'World Oceans Day Competition'. 
  • By submitting your entry, you give us permission to display your work on socials and any other forms of media. 
  • When submitting your entry, please give provide us with your name and contact number. 
  • Please only use plastics on your sculpture that you’ve collected while beach cleaning/underwater cleanups. This competition is in aim of reducing plastics ending up in our ocean, so we want your design to be full of all your hard work in removing plastics from our shores!

Why Are We Holding This Competition?

World Oceans Day was not only to celebrate the beautiful, blue world, but it’s also to raise awareness on why it’s important to protect what we love as much as possible. We have chosen this competition as a beach clean as well as an art competition so we can help reduce plastics ending up in our oceans. 

We must protect the ocean through any means possible. Every action we do has an impact on the ocean, and we need the ocean to be healthy in order to survive. By creating art with rubbish that you have collected on the beach, you are helping to spread that message that the ocean needs protecting as well as removing plastics from out shores. 

Final Words

Good luck to all entries in this competition! Don’t forget to send all your entries to by June 30th for being in the chance of winning a ScubaPro A2 Dive Computer with Transmitter. 

But most of all, have fun beach cleaning and creating! We’re looking forward to seeing your sculptures.