Best Lightweight Travel BCDs in 2023

Best LIghtweight Travel BCDS in 2023

In the realm of underwater recreational scuba diving, the buoyancy control device (BCD) stands as a diver's greatest ally. Proper equipment is paramount, and our travel BCD collection aims to provide exactly that - uncompromised quality and convenience for the avid diver. Whether your adventures take you to the shipwrecks of the Red Sea or the vibrant, teeming walls of Raja Ampat, these Travel BCDs are designed to compactly fit into your hold luggage without exceeding weight limits. Crafted from lightweight materials and featuring polymer D-rings, our travel BCDs replace traditional metal elements without compromising on durability or functionality. Every unit folds into a compact package, maximizing space in your suitcase for other essentials. With our travel BCDs, enjoy the best of diving adventures without any luggage hassles.



The Lightest Travel BCD - Scubapro Litehawk with Air2

Weighing in at a mere 2.4 kg, the Scubapro Litehawk with an integrated Air2 Inflator Regulator has quickly claimed the top spot in our travel BC catalogue. This lightweight champion is your ideal companion for any tropical warm water diving adventure. Despite its feather-like weight, the Litehawk surprises with its full soft backplate, ensuring exceptional comfort. Its low profile, streamlined design makes it feel virtually nonexistent underwater, allowing you to move with ease. And should you wish to shed even more weight off your diving ensemble, consider adding the Scubapro Air2 system to your Litehawk. With the Scubapro Litehawk, dive into your holiday adventures without the burden of heavy gear!


Best Travel BCDs - Scubapro litehawk BCD


  • Divers get the benefits of back flotation in this super lightweight BC made for easy travelling
  • Low-drag, low profile progressively-shaped air cell on a light back flotation BC
  • Elastic cords automatically control the side and keep the air cell streamlined when partially inflated
  • Constructed in durable 1000 Denier Nylon for long-life wear
  • Adjustable belt-style waist strap with Nylon lightweight buckle
  • Lightweight, perfect for travel: just 2.36kg
  • Optional accessory quick-release weight pockets
  • Balanced Power inflator


The Best Travel Foldable BCD - Mares Magellan BCD

Introducing the Mares Magellan — a highly capable travel BCD that weighs a mere 2kg (for size S/M) but still offers an impressive 18.5kg (41lbs) of lift. Crafted from a mix of high-quality durable materials, including Cordura, the Magellan guarantees versatility on your dives. The new shoulder and chest strap concave design, alongside the compressible materials added to the shoulders, back, and weight pocket areas, ensure optimal freedom of movement and elevated comfort. Unlike many travel BCDs, the Magellan does not have a rigid backpack, which allows it to be rolled or packed down to a minuscule size, saving significant space in your dive bag and luggage. Moreover, it incorporates a strap loop system for quick and effortless adjustment to your body. The harness is equipped with two 40mm aluminium D-rings situated below the weight pockets and two 25mm aluminium D-rings on the shoulder straps, providing ample space to secure your accessories. With the Magellan BCD, experience the perfect blend of lightweight packing and robust functionality.


Best Travel BCDs - Mares Magellan BCD


  • The true travel BCD: Extremely lightweight
  • Integrated quick release weight system
  • Optional Trim Weights available
  • Foldable with no rigid backpack
  • Strap loop backpack feature for easy adjustment
  • 1 roll-up pocket
  • Concave ergonomic shoulders: Increased comfort in chest/shoulder area
  • Trouble free for female divers



Best Cool Travel BCD - Aqualung Pro HD Compact BCD

Meet the Aqualung Pro HD Compact Dive BCD, a travel companion designed to make the adventures of every on-the-go diver easier and more enjoyable. This ultra-light gear weighs less than 4.75lb/2.2kg (ML/LG), inclusive of airway and weight pockets, ensuring no more excess baggage fees for the avid diver. Its design allows it to be either packed flat or rolled, providing versatility in storage. The revolutionary SureLock™ II mechanical lock and release system simplifies weight integration - all you need to do is align the weight pockets until they "click". This system enables you to navigate the depths of the ocean with unmatched ease and comfort. The Pro HD Compact Dive BCD sports a unique tank support system that does away with the need for hard packs and a lower tank band that aligns seamlessly with your waist. This BCD is packed with features that promise a safe, successful, and hassle-free diving experience.


Best Travel BCDS in 2023 - Mares Magellan BCD


  • Extremely lightweight, approx. 2.2kg (4.75 lbs)
  • Flat or rolled equipped with flat valves means less bulk (patented
  • Weight integration features the SureLock™ II (patented)
  • A simple, single pull of the release pockets
  • An innovative tank support system eliminates the need for a hard pack
  • The lower tank band aligns with the waistband
  • Adjustable chest strap and easy-access pocket
  • Features 6 D-rings to attach accessories
  • Includes attachment grommets for knife
  • Right shoulder pull dump and lower right pull dump
  • Sculpted padded shoulders and spine and lumbar support
  • Optional non-ditch weight pockets that mount on the tank band can be purchased separately.
  • Other options include the Air Source, Squeeze Lock knife and reflector kit



Best Advanced Travel BCD - Scubapro Hydros Pro BCD

Welcome the Scubapro Hydros Pro, a unique wing-style BCD that stands out for its modular harness made from the same robust Monprene material as the Scubapro Seawing Nova fins. This material selection ensures immense durability and lightweight characteristics. The Hydros Pro's modular design lends it high versatility and customizability. With just a few changes to clips and buckles, you can switch it from a fully weight-integrated BC to a stripped-down, travel-ready lightweight harness system. Providing between 35 and 40 lb (15 - 18kg) of lift depending on the BCD size, the Hydros Pro is capable of handling UK diving needs, doubling up as your travel BCD too! Thereby, eliminating the need for a second BCD for your holidays. With the Hydros Pro BCD, explore the underwater world with confidence and convenience.

The Scubapro Hydros Pro comes in Hydros Pro for Men and Hydros Pro for Women versions. Other Hydros Pro accessories that can be purchased separately include:

Best Travel BCD in 2023 - Scubapro Hydros ProBest Travel BCD in 2023 - Scubapro Hydros Pro


  • Made from robust Monprene material, ensuring durability and lightweight characteristics
  • Versatile and highly customizable, thanks to its modular design
  • Can switch between a fully weight-integrated BC and a stripped-down travel harness system
  • Offers 35 - 40 lb (15 - 18kg) of lift depending on size
  • Capable of handling both local and travel diving needs, eliminating the need for a second, travel-specific BCD


Best Cold Water Travel BCD - Scubapro Seahawk 2 BCD

Welcome the Scubapro Seahawk 2 BCD, the next generation of the Seahawk series. As a back lift BCD, the Seahawk 2 features a new harness design and integrated weights, complemented by a reinforced soft backpack for compact storage. Various practical improvements amplify its utility and performance. While the Seahawk 2 maintains the streamlined and reliable bladder of the previous model, it replaces the rigid backplate with a reinforced soft backpad and a twin-cylinder strap system. This switch makes the BCD lighter than its predecessor and significantly simplifies folding and packing. Furthermore, the main super cinch tank band has been lowered for improved weight transference, while the upper Velcro band provides structure and optimal positioning in the water.

Best Travel BCDs in 2023 - Scubapro Seahawk 2 BCD



  • Back lift BCD with a new harness design
  • Integrated weights and reinforced soft backpack
  • Maintains the same reliable bladder of its predecessor
  • Replaces rigid backplate with a reinforced soft backpad and twin cylinder strap system
  • Lighter and more compact than its predecessor
  • Lowered main super cinch tank band for better weight transference
  • Upper Velcro band for improved structure and positioning.



Best Traditional Wrap Around BCD - Cressi Travelight BCD

Introducing the Cressi Travelight BCD, a highly versatile and travel-ready BCD featuring a traditional wrap-around bladder and harness design. Uniquely lightweight, the Travelight folds and packs into a compact size, effortlessly fitting into your luggage. The amalgamation of lightness, flexibility, and high-end specifications make the Travelight an ideal BCD for both dive trips and divers who highly value the comfort, hydrodynamics, and sense of freedom offered by a lean, lightweight jacket. The Cressi Travelight employs a soft, padded backplate and a dual-band system that leverages the rigidity of the cylinder to provide the BCD with structure and support. The upper band ensures the correct positioning of the cylinder, allowing for the comfortable transfer of load to your hips, not your spine. The BCD harness features adjustable quick-release shoulder straps, chest straps, waist straps, and a large Velcro cummerbund for maximum comfort and fit.

Best Travel BCD - Cressi Travelight BCD
  • Traditional wrap-around bladder and harness design
  • Ultra-lightweight and versatile, ideal for travel
  • Folds and packs into a compact size for easy luggage fit
  • Offers comfort, hydrodynamics, and a sense of freedom
  • Soft padded backplate and dual band system for structure and support
  • Adjustable quick-release shoulder, chest, and waist straps
  • Large Velcro cummerbund for a comfortable fit.


In summary, the best Lightweight Travel BCDs in 2023 are the Aqualung Pro HD Compact BCD, Scubapro Hydros Pro BCD, and Scubapro Seahawk 2 BCD. The Aqualung Pro HD Compact BCD is a gem for light packers, sporting a unique tank support system and shedding the need for hard packs. The Scubapro Hydros Pro BCD stands out for its robust Monprene material and highly customizable modular design, doubling up as both a local and travel diving solution. Lastly, the Scubapro Seahawk 2 BCD, the next generation of the Seahawk series, offers a more compact and lightweight solution that retains the reliable features of its predecessor while introducing practical improvements. All of these options promise a seamless, efficient, and lightweight diving experience for 2023 travellers.