New Shearwater Tern and Tern TX

The New Shearwater Tern and Tern TX

The long-anticipated arrival of the new watch-style dive computer from Shearwater Research is finally here, and it does not disappoint. In honour of their enduring nautical tradition, Shearwater has christened this latest unit 'Tern,' after seabirds commonly found near the coast, rivers, or wetlands. Our showroom staff have affectionately dubbed it the 'peregrine in miniature.' With a sleek design aimed at recreational and extended-range divers, this compact yet fashionable dive computer offers an impressive array of advanced features. What's more, the Tern doesn't just deliver on functionality and style—it's also attractive in terms of affordability, presenting an excellent option for those seeking a high-quality, air-integrated dive computer without the hefty price tag.

Diving Modes of Shearwater Tern

The Shearwater Tern is available in two setups—Tern and Tern TX, each differing slightly in their offerings. The Shearwater Tern TX, in particular, is equipped with a 3-D tilt-compensated compass and air integration, providing additional assistance and safety for your underwater adventures. Both models adhere to the user-friendly design that Shearwater computers are renowned for, boasting an intuitive 4-button interface similar to the Teric for effortless navigation. A feature that sets the Tern apart, inherited from the much-loved Shearwater Peregrine, is the introduction of vibration alarms—a practical and innovative enhancement to the colour-coded screen. These alarms ensure you stay alert to essential dive details, allowing you to fully immerse in the beauty of your dive worry-free. 

Shearwater Tern - Diving Modes

Without a doubt, the Shearwater Tern was envisioned and designed with the multi-disciplinary scuba diver in mind. Regardless of your preferred diving style or approach—be it freediving, recreational diving, or executing a carefully planned runtime in gauge mode— the Tern is more than capable of accommodating your needs. It truly represents the spirit of the tern seabird, renowned for its adaptability and diverse skill set. This is indeed the essence of the Shearwater Tern—it's not just a dive computer but an all-encompassing companion for underwater excursions.

 Shearwater Tern and Tern TX

Features of the Shearwater Tern TX

For divers who value air integration and navigational assistance, the Shearwater Tern TX is likely to be the perfect model. Albeit slightly more expensive than its companion unit, it justifies its price tag by offering two significant advantages. First and foremost, the Tern TX model enables air integration with up to four Shearwater Swift transmitters, an undeniably crucial feature for divers who want to keep meticulous track of their air supply. Secondly, the Tern TX model comes equipped with a 3-D tilt-compensated compass. This advanced navigation feature ensures accurate readings regardless of the angle at which the dive computer is held, offering divers reliable guidance in exploring underwater environments. These additional features make the Shearwater Tern TX dive computer a comprehensive device for both recreational and professional diving pursuits.


Shearwater Swift Transmitter for Tern

Powering the New Shearwater Tern and Tern TX

As per Shearwater's promise, the Tern and Shearwater Tern TX models come equipped with a lithium-ion rechargeable battery, providing up to 20 hours of operation on medium brightness. These substantial runtimes are impressive, especially considering the smaller form factor of the Tern models compared to larger units like the Suunto Eon Core. Charging the device is as simple as it gets, thanks to a wireless magnetic puck charger that effortlessly connects to the unit. In keeping with the latest standards, this charger utilizes a USB-C cable for the power source, further enhancing the Tern's ease of use and accessibility. With such power efficiency and effortless charging mechanism, the Shearwater Tern models are reliable companions for any underwater adventure.

Shearwater Computers Comparison Chart 

Design and Display of the Shearwater Tern

The Shearwater Tern and Tern TX both sport an elegant watch-style design, which is highlighted by a 1.3" AMOLED screen. This high-resolution display ensures clarity and readability in various lighting conditions—making it easy to access crucial diving information underwater. Slightly smaller than its larger sibling, the Shearwater Teric, the Tern models nonetheless feature a clear interface with all pertinent details clearly visible on the round AMOLED screen. 

The design does not compromise on robustness. Tern and Shearwater Tern TX are housed in a sturdy metal stainless steel casing protected by toughened glass. The contemporary bezel design adds to the aesthetic appeal, while the inclusion of wireless charging underlines the modernity of the design. 

Shearwater has also introduced the innovative Remora strap with these models. This quick-change strap lets divers easily switch between straps to accommodate different diving suits, wrist sizes, and colour preferences. The Remora™ bands and the webbing strap are designed for compatibility with the Teric and Tern dive computers, adding to their usability. 

Further elevating the dive experience, these units are designed and tested to a depth of 120 meters—way beyond the depth ventured by any recreational scuba divers. The Shearwater Tern and Tern TX models stand as impressive additions to any diver's gear with their perfect blend of functionality, durability, and style.

Connecting Shearwater Tern to Cloud via Bluetooth

In this era of technological advancement, Bluetooth connectivity has become a standard feature, eliminating the need for cables and complicated software to download and view your dive data on your PC or Mac. Shearwater is not left behind in this wireless revolution. Divers who use the Shearwater Tern can now synchronize their devices, offering flexibility that allows for seamless viewing of your diving profiles and data. The power to download and update your dive logs is now conveniently available in your pocket, removing the dependence on cumbersome cables. It's an innovation that we and the diving community are relishing. This improved connectivity further cements the Tern as an essential tool for recreational and professional divers.

Shearwater Tern and Tern TX - Cloud App