Scubapro UPF Rash Guard Collection

Scubapro UPF Rash Guard Collection

Rash guards are a versatile garment that is extremely useful when engaging in water sports like scuba diving, snorkelling, and others. Scubapro's offers an exceptional UPF Collection for tropical scuba diving and snorkelling. This collection features a variety of rash guards and suits designed to protect your skin from harmful UV radiation. However, before we explore this fashionable Scubapro range, it's essential to understand what UPF is and how it differs from SPF.


The Difference between UPF and SPF Rating

UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor) and SPF (Sun Protection Factor) are two different standards that measure the effects of the sun on your skin. SPF ratings indicate the level of skin reddening and primarily measure the protective qualities of sunscreen. On the other hand, UPF ratings measure the amount of UV radiation that a fabric blocks. For instance, a garment with a rating of UPF 50 means that the garment blocks 98% of UV radiation.

Standardised measuring methods are used to determine the UV protection of dive wear, and these tests are usually carried out on new or dry gear. UPF ratings above UPF 50 are considered to be in the "Excellent" Protection Category. Scubapro's UPF collection has a rating of UPF 50 or above.

Scubapro's new T-Flex rash guards have undergone the UV Standard 801 test, which is much harder and more stringent. The test uses the most sensitive skin type and the maximum intensity of radiation using the solar spectrum in Melbourne, Australia on January 1 (at the height of the Australian summer). The fabric is then tested in relaxed, stretched, wet, and dry situations. The T-Flex rash guards have achieved the highest rating of UPF 80 under these tests, which is the highest rating available.

Scubapro UPF and SPF Rash Guards and Skin Suits

Scubapro UPF Collection

So, with the understanding that UPF 50 is excellent and UPF being on a new scale of excellent we can take a look through the Scubapro Rash Guard collectionBesides providing UV protection, rash guards are very useful multi-purpose garments to have when enjoying scuba diving, snorkelling or pretty much any other water sport. When worn by themselves they are a barrier against stinging jellyfish and help protect the skin against abrasion damage. They also make getting wetsuits on and off much easier and more comfortable to wear by creating a low friction layer between the neoprene and your skin.


Scubapro UPF and SPF Rash Guards and Skin Suits

Scubapro T-Flex Rash Guards

Scubapro T-Flex, crafted from a blend of super-soft nylon (86%) and spandex (14%) fabric for maximum comfort and flexibility. The T-Flex has received the prestigious UPF 80 certification from UV Standard 801, the only UV certifying standard that tests fabric under real-world conditions of use. Available in a range of models, the Scubapro T-Flex rash guard is designed to provide a form-fitting experience and a soft feel. The range includes long sleeve and short sleeve tops for both men and women. Men can choose from Black, Blue and Graphite, while women can select from Caribbean, Jewel and Graphite / Onyx colour themes. Women also have leggings that match the top's colour. These stylish rash guards are perfect for surfing, diving, or any outdoor activities that require sun protection, and will keep you comfortable and protected while you enjoy the sun and surf.

Scubapro UPF and SPF Rash Guards and Skin Suits

Scubapro's UPF 50 Rash Guards

Scubapro's UPF 50 Rash Guards are the perfect choice for those who seek high-quality polyester, excellent colour retention, comfort, and durability. The abrasion-resistant polyester material holds its shape even after repeated use, making it the ideal choice for diving enthusiasts. The T-Flex range offers short and long-sleeved tops, as well as a full-length skin suit that provides total UV, sting, and abrasion protection. 

For men, the UPF 50 range comes in long and short-sleeved tops, as well as a full-length skin suit, all available in Black, Blue, and Graphite with the blue and graphite tops featuring stylish arm patterns. 

For women, the UPF 50 range provides long and short-sleeved tops in Caribbean, Jewel, and Graphite/Onyx color themes that match those of the T-Flex line, making it possible to combine the tops with T-Flex leggings for additional protection. The Scubapro full-length skin suit is available in graphite and jewel color schemes.