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New Scuba Diving Equipment and Special Offers - June 2020

New Scuba Diving Equipment and Special Offers - June 2020

June brought with it the first glimmer of hope that things could be returning to normal (the new normal anyway) with the lockdown easing and the announcement that activities like scuba diving could resume. That good news started to coax the diving industry back to life and there is a rush of activity to launch new product and run promotions that were previously shelved due to the pandemic.

New Product

Fourth Element Hydra Drysuit

The first new major product to arrive in store is the Fourth Element Hydra, a high density compressed neoprene drysuit that was developed with UK diving firmly in mind. The 7mm thick neoprene has been compressed to 4mm to balance warmth against flexibility before Fourth Element work their magic on the design and panel cuts to create a nicely tailored suit that minimises excess material without restricting freedom of movement. The usual Fourth Element high quality standards and attention to detail are evident throughout the suit.

The suit is finished with high-end Apollo Bio-Dry valves, fitted with 4mm compressed neoprene boots and is supplied with a Hydpro inflator hose (a polyurethane wrapped braided hose), a neoprene hood and a changing mat as standard. As a Mike's Dive Store exclusive we also have a few extra goodies to go with the suit including a Fourth Element Gulper water bottle, a Xerotherm beanie and a 30L drysac as well.

The Hydra is available in a wide range of off-the-shelf sizes in both male and female cuts and whilst our stock suits are fitted with specific size boots the Hydra can be ordered with a range of boot sizes (see product details for more information)

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New Special Offers

Scubapro Packages

Scubapro have a number of very enticing special offers running at the moment. Their G2 with free transmitter has been running for some time but it has been joined by some Regulator and BCD packages that include a choice of free masks, snorkels and fins.

There are four packages that give you a choice between MK17 and MK25 based regulators with a G260, an S600 or S620Ti second stage, a G2 wrist or console computer and either the Hydros Pro back lift BCD or the recently released Hydros X which is a more traditional style BCD that incorporates many of the features and technologies developed for the Hydros Pro.

Each of these packages comes with a choice of mask (Zoom Evo MaskSynergy TwinSpectra Mask or Crystal Vu), snorkel (Spectra Snorkel or Spectra Dry) and fins (Seawing Nova or Go Sport). The packages alone represent a significant saving off the recommended retail price anyway but with the free mask, snorkel and fins you could be looking at up to an extra £268 (RRP) of equipment for free.

Hydros Pro & MK17
From £1,682.00 £2,374.00

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Hydros Pro & MK25
From £1,758.00 £2,464.00

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Hydros X & MK17
From £1,833.00 £2,428.00

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Hydros X & MK25
From £1,909.00 £2,518.00

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There will be more coming in quick succession so make sure you follow us on our social media pages, subscribe to our mailing list and visit the website regular for the latest in new scuba diving equipment.

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