Keeping Your Dive Torch Clean And Safe

Keeping Your Dive Torch Clean And Safe

You've just bought a shiny new dive torch and whilst torches are pretty easy to maintain and get the most out of, we've got a few tips to make sure it stays in top condition for many dives to come.

Like with most dive equipment, it is really important to rinse your torch in clean, fresh water after every use. Contaminants and saltwater can quickly damage seals, rubber and even metal if left to build-up.

If your torch has batteries that can be removed, we suggest taking them out when storing the torch for extended periods to avoid any issues with corrosion damage should they leak.

If your torch is fitted with a rechargeable battery, remember that most batteries will slowly lose their charge over time, so make sure to recharge it before you go diving to avoid disappointment.

Keep any o-rings lightly greased with silicone grease to keep the electronics and batteries protected from the water leaks.

Most torches are supplied with a lanyard of some kind, but we HIGHLY recommend getting a proper clip or means of securing the torch back to an anchor point. The type of lanyard that normally comes with a new torch is really only designed for added security around the wrist when actually using the torch. Leaving the torch to dangle from the wrist is, unfortunately, a loss waiting to happen. We always recommend good quality clips or lanyards. Coiled lanyards with steel coils and quick release extension buckles are great ways of securing the torch back close to the body when not in use, but still allowing plenty of flexibility when in use.

Follow these tips and your torch will provide many years of loyal service but, as always, feel free to drop us a line if you have any questions and one of our expert team will be on hand to help out.