Is It Ever Too Late to Start Scuba Diving?

Is It Ever Too Late to Start Scuba Diving?

Is It Ever Too Late to Start Scuba Diving?

Is it ever too late to start diving?

Absolutely not!

As long as you’re medically fit and your health is in check, then it’s never too late to start diving. Whatever age you are, it’s never too late to start your scuba diving journey. If you’re thinking about scuba diving and concerned about whether you’ve passed the maximum age. Don’t worry about that and just go for it (as long as you get the medical check first!). 

If you are interested in trying scuba diving, your age won’t be a barrier. If you’re feeling inspired to try scuba diving and exploring underwater or have been thinking about taking the course for a while, read on to find out why scuba diving is so awesome later in life and tips to keep you safe when diving. 

Meet New People

Scuba diving is a fantastic way of meeting lots of new people, be paired up with new buddies and making long-life scuba diving friends. There are thousands of scuba diving clubs around the world, you’ll probably find that there’s a suitable club right on your doorstep. 

Is It Ever Too Late to Start Scuba Diving? - Mike's Dive Store

Diving is an experience that we get to share with others. Sharing those experiences with others who love diving just as much as you brings friendship bonds closer together. Scuba diving is a very social sport, as diving gives you so much to talk about - especially after you dive, talking to your buddies about experiences, encounters and sightings on the dive.

New Experiences Are Waiting

Expect the unexpected. When scuba diving you’ll never know what to expect and that’s one of the things that make scuba diving so exciting! You cannot predict the type of marine life you’ll find or the encounters you’ll experience. 

There’s so many incredible adventures waiting for you in the underwater world and lots of experiences waiting to be discovered. Having experiences in scuba diving makes life more exciting and unexpected, you’ll never know what ventures is waiting for you underwater. 

A New Adventure

There’s a whole new world waiting to be discovered. The ocean is FULL of marine life, corals, fish, shells, crustaceans and so much more. The ocean represents 70% of our planet - that’s why we find it so intriguing and exciting. It’s full of life, colours, shapes and unexpected encounters! 

Scuba diving is a new adventure with so much waiting to be explored. Whether you’re diving in the cooler waters of the UK or exploring the tropical waters of Indonesian reefs, there are so many things to see in the ocean and all around the world. Be prepared to be amazed by the colours, sensations and life that surrounds you in the underwater world. 

Is It Ever Too Late to Start Scuba Diving? - Mike's Dive Store

New Way To Keep Fit

Scuba diving isn’t just a fun sport, but it’s a work out too and another way to keep fit as we get older. If you’re someone who isn’t too keen on the gym or home workouts, then this might just be the sport you’re looking for. Who would have thought that swimming with fishes is a fitness workout? Definitely the best type of fitness workout in my opinion!

Discover A New You  

Going scuba diving may be just the thing in discovering yourself and finding a new you. Many divers say that scuba diving has boosted their confidence, self esteem and love for life. Trying new things can help you to discover a new love for something different. Exploring new activities can unlock aspects of who you are, waiting to be uncovered. Take a chance, step out of your comfort zone, and be free to explore new possibilities.

Is It Ever Too Late to Start Scuba Diving? - Mike's Dive Store

How To Make Diving Easier When You’re Older

There are many ways in which we can make diving an easier experience. As we get older, we probably don’t want to be hiking miles to the dive site or doing crazy current dives. Here’s a few of our recommendations on the actions you can take to ensure a more enjoyable diving experience as we get older. 

  • Invest in comfortable and lightweight equipment - find our blog on Lightweight Travel Equipment for recommendations on lightweight scuba diving gear. 
  • Drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration. Remind yourself to drink both before and after your dive. 
  • Opt for boat diving rather than shore diving as this is a less strenuous entry method. 
  • Limit maximum depths. 
  • Do not hesitate to ask for help from others. If you need help, your buddies will assist with difficulties.
  • Get plenty of sleep the night before and avoid alcohol to ensure you’re well rested and prepared for diving. 
  • Have a dive medical check to ensure that you’re fit and healthy to dive. 

We’re Here To Help

If you’re considering starting diving later on in life, remember that age is only a number. As long as you’re feeling fit, healthy and have the proper medical checks, then you’re good to go!

So if you’re good to go - DIVE IN! 

If you have any questions or concerns about scuba diving, please email us at where we have a team of scuba diving professionals that’s here to help you out with any scuba diving questions you may have.