Fourth Element Proteus 2 vs Xenos Wetsuit Comparison

Fourth Element Proteus 2 vs Xenos Wetsuit Comparison

Divers visiting our Chiswick Showroom often ask about the difference between Fourth Element Proteus 2 and Xenos wetsuits. Two seemingly identical wetsuits, are made for slightly different applications. They offer the same neoprene thickness but differ slightly from each other. Here, we present a quick wetsuit comparison guide and features of Xenos and Proteus 2 line of products.


A well-fitting diving wetsuit:

  • snug but not too tight
  • sleeves touching your wrist bone
  • legs seals touching your ankles
  • no material foldovers
  • no large pockets that may fill with water
  • not restricting movements 

Proteus vs Xenos Comparison


Fourth Element Xenos Wetsuits for Men and Women

The Fourth Element has designed the Xenos wetsuit to be as easy to put on and take off as possible. The Xenos for men and women has a wrist and ankle sealing system inspired by the same feature found on many triathlon wetsuits. So it looks like with this wetsuit, you will not be late for your afternoon snack on your favourite liveaboard. Dress quickly and undress even quicker and more comfortably with Xenos wetsuit. Wearing a Xenos wetsuit is also super comfortable thanks to stretch neoprene. Stretch neoprene found on Xenos assures that the wetsuit snuggles your body, minimising water ingress and keeping flushing to an absolute minimum.

The Fourth Element Xenos is the best wetsuit for: recreational scuba diving, liveaboards, and snorkelling holidays in warmer waters.

Fourth Element Xenos Wetsuit Collection

Xenos Wetsuit Collection 

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Fourth Element Proteus2 diving wetsuits for men and women

If you dive in cooler waters in summer, the Fourth Element Proteus 2 wetsuit is the one for you. The Proteus 2 wetsuit features an extra warm lining called Hexcore with a double neck seal. It is considered one of the highest performing wetsuits in its class and may be the first choice in semi and professional diving, where features comparable to a semi-dry wetsuit are welcomed. 

The fourth Element Proteus 2 will be a winner on a liveaboard in cooler waters such as Soccoro Island, Galapagos, and the Med. I would also opt-in for a Proteus2 dive suit if I was doing a stationary underwater video or stills shootout in warmer waters, so the Proteus 2 is also an excellent choice for underwater photographers. 

The Fourth Element Proteus 2 is the best: in more advanced diving in cooler waters, including extended range and technical diving, stationary or long runtimes underwater photography 

 Fourth Element Proteus WEtsuit Collection

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Lastly, we want to know your diving experience and thoughts on owning your diving wetsuit. If you have any questions, we are always a few strikes of the keyboard or a phone call away. Please send us an e-mail at or call on 020 8994 6006.