Best Scuba Diving Wetsuits in 2024

Best Scuba Diving Wetsuits in 2024

Hey there! Let's talk about the most crucial piece of dive gear: the scuba diving wetsuit. Comfort underwater is essential, so choosing the right scuba diving wetsuit is one of your most important decisions. No diver wants to deal with that dreaded chill, the sudden urge to pee, and increased breathing. To help you out, we've rounded up our Staff's top favourite picks for the best scuba diving wetsuits in 2024. And if you need more guidance, check out our blog for expert advice on choosing the perfect wetsuit for your diving mission.

Our Scuba Diving Wetsuit Categories in 2024

Let's dive into the latest trends for grading scuba diving wetsuits in 2024! Check out our top categories for the best wetsuits this year, perfect for any scuba diving adventure you have in mind.

  • Rash Vests & Skin Suits - for super warm diving destinations when you need UV protection. They excel in all tropical snorkelling adventures.
  • Kids Wetsuits — if you need sizing for your junior open-water diver or snorkeller, kids suits are great for juniors and teenagers.
  • 2-3mm Thick Wetsuits - diving in the tropics? Consider a thin wetsuit or a rash vest for warmth and protection from hazards like jellyfish and sunburnThese suits are versatile and can be used for other water sports too.
  • 5mm Thick Wetsuits - are the most versatile and suitable for various temperatures. A good 5mm scuba wetsuit is very often considered the most versatile wetsuit out there, with the best flexibility-to-warmth ratio.
  • 7mm+ Thick Wetsuits - a good 7mm neoprene wetsuit will provide good comfort for recreational diving in the waters around 15-16C. 
  • Semi-Dry Wetsuits - a semi-dry suit are great for temperatures 10C+, with the benefits of a drysuit zipper to prevent flushing and maintain core temperature.
Water Temperature
Scuba Diving Wetsuit Thickness
Over 82.4°F / 28°C
A good UPF rash guard of rash suit
77°F – 80.6°F / 25°C-27°C
Anything between 1mm-2mm Neoskin
71.6°F – 75.2°F / 22°C-24°C
This is 3 mm full wetsuit
62.6°F – 69.8°F / 17°C-21°C
This is approximately 5mm -7mm full suit brackets
50°F – 60.8°F / 10°C-16°C
Area reserved for 7mm but most will dive in semi-dry
41°F – 50°F / 5°C-10°C
We recon anything below 10 is a drysuit area
Under 41°F / 5°C

Best Rash and Skin Suit in 2024

Let's start with the lightest option. If the water is too warm for a regular wetsuit but you still need sun and rash protection, consider the Waterproof WP Skin. It's a full-length skin suit that protects you from UV light and marine life. Plus, it looks pretty cool, like something out of a sci-fi movie - in this wetsuit, you will look like a member of the crew of a Starship Enterprise :-). It's also super easy to put on, which can be a struggle with regular wetsuits. The Waterproof WP SKIN offers great sun protection, blocking out over 98% of harmful rays. It's a great choice for anyone looking for extra sun and rash protection while diving. Voted best skin suit in 2024 by our superstar Arianna!

Best Skinsuit 2024 Best Skinsuit 2024

Best Scuba Diving Stinger Suit in 2024

If you are lucky enough to dive into super tropical waters when the water temperature is close to 30C, you will probably be wearing a rash guard. Jellyfish or stingers, as they are commonly referred to, are present in warm oceans all over the world - from Thailand to Jamaica and everywhere in between. The scuba diving stinger wetsuit is highly suitable for anyone planning scuba diving or snorkelling in the Indo-Pacific region, northern Australia, and other places where stinging microorganisms can be a bit of a pain. They not only protect you from zooplankton but also from UV light during long snorkelling sessions.

Our top choice for the best Scuba Diving Stinger wetsuit this year is the Fourth Element Stinger Wetsuit. This wetsuit is made from a strong fabric that comes from recycled plastic, providing great protection from stinging sea creatures and offering UPF 50+ protection from the sun's harmful UV rays. With comfortable seams, it's perfect for snorkelling or for wearing over a swimsuit when diving in warm water. Remember this: Fourth Element Stinger is part of the Ocean Positive line, made from 85% recycled polyester and 15% elastane, making it one of the most eco-friendly products in our collection. 

Best Stinger Wetsuit in 2024

Best Shorty Scuba Diving Wetsuit in 2024

When diving in warm waters above 25C, many recreational divers prefer the convenience and protection of a shorty wetsuit. Our team has chosen the Waterproof W30 2.5mm Shorty Wetsuit. Many recreational divers prefer the convenience and protection of a short wetsuit when diving in warm waters above 25C. Our team has chosen the Waterproof W30 2.5mm Shorty Wetsuit as the top pick for short scuba diving wetsuits in 2024. It's easy to slip into and provides the right amount of exposure protection for an enjoyable dive. Plus, it can double as an additional layer overall for colder diving. 

The Waterproof W30 2.5mm Shorty Wetsuit is designed to be extra durable and comfortable. It has special non-slip and anti-abrasion areas to keep you stable and make sure it lasts a long time, especially when you're sitting on rough surfaces or boat decks. The seams are extra strong to reduce the risk of rips or tears, and the zipper is really tough and easy to use. Plus, it has a special fastener to make sure it stays put. The shoulders are reinforced for extra durability where you need it most. This wetsuit is not only comfortable but also a practical choice for any diver in warmer waters.


Best Tropical Scuba Diving Wetsuit in 2024

The Waterproof Neoskin was voted as the best tropical wetsuit in 2024 by Shem for those in need of more protection than a rash vest. This wetsuit is constructed with 1mm high-quality, high-stretch neoprene, making it ideal for extended scuba diving sessions in tropical waters. It is particularly recommended for peak season liveaboard holidays in the Red Sea and Indian Ocean. The Neoskin is designed to provide protection from wind and splashes, and its super stretchy material accommodates all body shapes. Additionally, it offers maximum comfort due to its extra soft and stretchy nature. The YKK Vislon zipper ensures corrosion resistance, while the carefully stitched high-quality thread enhances its durabilityOverall, the Neoskin wetsuit is designed to keep divers warm, cosy, and well-protected. It comes in models for men and women.

Best Tropical Scuba Diving Wetsuit 2024 Best Tropical Scuba Diving Wetsuit 2024

Best 2-3mm Scuba Diving Wetsuit in 2024

Are you looking for the best budget-friendly 2-3mm scuba diving wetsuit? Look no further than the Mares Manta wetsuits for men and women! The Mares Steamer Manta Wetsuit is designed for comfort and functionality in tropical waters and is perfect for snorkelling, scuba diving, and water sports. Its precise fit and quick on-and-off capability make it a steal for water enthusiasts - made of double-lined neoprene with a 2.2mm thickness, this wetsuit features an efficient zipper with a locking system and reinforced knee panels for durability. Get ready to dive in style and comfort with the best 2mm scuba diving wetsuit in 2024!

Best 2mm scuba diving wetsuit Best 2mm scuba diving wetsuit

Best 5mm Scuba Diving Wetsuit in 2024

Sophie dives and votes for her Fourth Element Xenos 5mm wetsuit as the best 5mm wetsuit in 2024. The Xenos 5mm wetsuit for men and women is the best seller in our showroom, offering top-notch performance you can rely on from Fourth Element. This wetsuit is made with high-quality stretchy neoprene, designed to fit a body comfortably while providing excellent warmth. It's also easy to put on and take off. The suit comes with extra features to ensure durability, such as the double smooth skin zip barrier and comfort knee shield system, so it will last a long time and still look great. The Xenos line also includes the Xenos 3mm wetsuit and the Xenos 3mm shorty. 

Best 5mm Scuba Diving Wetsuit  2024 Best 5mm Scuba Diving Wetsuit  2024

Best 7mm Scuba Diving Wetsuit in 2024

Dan, our recent technical diving adept, loves warm, comfortable wetsuits with pockets. There is no other wetsuit in the 7mm scuba diving category than the Waterproof W7 7mm Wetsuit, which offers two pockets for your spare mask or SMB/Spool kit. 

The wetsuit is made from a very soft and flexible material called Neoflex, 100% CR neoprene, and it comes in a stylish grey and black colour. It has durable kneepads for protection, a double zipper seal, and a spine pad to reduce water flow. The suit also has wrist and leg seals with zippers to keep water out. Additionally, it has anchor straps for your gear in pockets for storing extra diving equipment. You can also pair it with a Neoprene Neck Seal to keep water out if you're diving without a hood. Waterproof W7 is the best 7mm wetsuit in 2024!

Best 7mm scuba diving wetsuit 2024 Best 7mm scuba diving wetsuit 2024

Best Semi-Dry Wetsuit in 2024

Semi-dry wetsuits have their niche, and Nish who enjoys cold water diving but dislikes dry suits, picks the Scubapro Nova Scotia as his favourite Semi-Dry Wetsuit in 2024!

The Scubapro Nova Scotia, 7.5mm Semi-Drysuit, features a dry zip that prevents water from getting in through. Unlike some wetsuits, which are sometimes mistaken for semi-dry suits, the Nova Scotia's design meets the criteria for a real semi-dry dive wetsuit. Despite this premium feature, the Nova Scotia is priced similarly to other high-quality wetsuits. With its ability to keep you warm in temperatures as low as 7 degrees Celsius, this suit is well-suited for diving in Britain. Constructed from Everflex neoprene, the Nova Scotia is exceptionally comfortable and easy to put on. Its low profile design, good sealing, and special diamond fabric lining provide extra warmth and comfort. The YKK Aquaseal Vislon dry zipper ensures a better seal against cold water and offers improved comfort and freedom of movement. By far, the best Semi-Dry Wetsuit in 2024!

Best Eco-Friendly Yulex Wetsuit in 2024

Yulex wetsuits have been a hit, even though they come with a higher price tagPeople really seem to love the idea of a more eco-friendly wetsuit. Steve, who runs Mike's Dive Store, is a big fan of his Scubapro 3mm Yulex wetsuit and it is his go-to gear for diving trips to the Red Sea with the Camel Dive Club and Hotel. Scubapro have also come out with the latest Everflex Yulex 3/2mm Men's Wetsuit, which is eco-friendly and made from plant-based Yulex Pure. It's known for being sustainable, comfy, and long-lasting. It's also a fantastic suit for those who dive in warmer waters. Cat (another team member) can't wait to get her hands on the women's version of this Yulex wetsuit! Scubapro is also working towards removing plastic from all their packaging by 2022, and we love them for it! We hope other companies will follow suit in creating more eco-friendly wetsuits. 

Best Eco Friendly Scuba Wetsuit 2024 Best Eco Friendly Scuba Wetsuit 2024

Best Kids Scuba Diving and Snorkelling Wetsuit in 2024

We have all you need for your young family members to enjoy watersports and diving. Our store is delighted to present a collection of children's wetsuits for tropical and temperate waters. If you are looking for a tropical 3mm for your Caribbean holiday or need a slightly thicker kids' wetsuit for the South Coast of England - come and have a look at our collection. Our top pick for the best kid's wetsuit in 2024 is the Scubapro Rebel Range of wetsuits. They have a wetsuit for every size and age range, from 3mm to 5mm in thickness. The Rebel is one of the finest kids' wetsuits on the market, offering fantastic durability at a reasonable price. They are effortless to get into and out of; they feature flat lock seams, which are durable when tested by children! We recommend these wetsuits for any parent who wants to invest in their child's comfort and safety while they have fun snorkelling and diving.

Best Kids Scuba Diving Wetsuit 2024 Best Kids Shorty Wetsuits in 2024



In summary, we offer a wide selection of high-quality scuba diving wetsuits to choose from. Whether you're looking for a 3mm, 5mm, or 7mm wetsuit, we have the best options for you. Our top picks include the Fourth Element Xenos 5mm wetsuit, Waterproof W7 7mm wetsuit, Scubapro Nova Scotia semi-dry suit, and Scubapro Everflex Yulex 3/2mm wetsuit. We also have a range of eco-friendly options, including the Scubapro Everflex Yulex and the Fourth Element OceanPositive collection. And for our younger divers and snorkelers, we highly recommend the Scubapro Rebel Range of kids' wetsuits. Browse our collection and find your perfect fit today! Happy diving


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