Dive Into Sustainability: New Fourth Element's Arctic Ocean Positive Undersuit

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Diving has always been our passion. The thrill of exploring the underwater world was something we looked forward to every chance we got. But there is always one aspect of diving that we dread - the cold. That was until the original Fourth Element Arctic came out a few years back. Unlike many undersuits in those days, which were bulky, Fourth Element Xerotherm and Arctic undersuits provided low bulk, baselayer-like feeling with increased thermal protection suitable even for diving cold waters of the Baltic and Atlantic. Plus, they are made of fast-wicking fabric, which keeps us dry and warm during hours we spend in our dry suits in summer and winter.

New Fourth Element Arctic Undersuit - Ocean Positive 

Many of us have been loyal customers of Fourth Element for years - using undergarments such as Fourth Element J2XerothermsArctics and Halo undersuits in different combinations for different diving environments. We trust the quality, versatility and durability of their products, but when we heard they were releasing a new version of their Arctic Undersuit, we were truly interested in how they had improved already great undergarments.


After waiting patiently for weeks, the day finally came when our Chiswick Showroom received a new batch of Fourth Element Arctic Undersuit. As we carefully unpacked it, we noticed the minimalist design and fresh features, such as p-valve routing, pockets, and a zip. But what really caught our attention was that it was now fully Ocean Positive, using recycled polyester. The new Fourth Element Arctic Undersuit is designed specifically for men and women.

New Fourth Element Arctic Undersuit - Ocean Positive 

Features of the new Fourth Element Arctic Undersuit:

  • Elasticated waist band for extra comfort 
  • Low, front zip for easy donning 
  • High recycled content: Outer: 80% Recycled Polyester. Inner: Fleece 100% recycled polyester 
  • Contemporary, flexible, metallic branding 
  • Hand Warmer Pockets 
  • High-wicking Low bulk, high insulation 
  • Pee-valve ready 
  • Thumb loops and foot stirrups to aid donning 
  • Single layered lower legs reducing bulk around the ankles


What is the Fourth Element's Ocean Positive Plan? 

The amount of plastic waste that enters our oceans each year, approximately 8 million tons, is a cause for concern. This endangers marine life and pollutes beaches, impacting local tourism industries. Furthermore, the rise in carbon emissions is a global threat, resulting in rising sea levels that could have catastrophic impacts on both human and animal lives. It's vital to take action and make a concerted effort towards sustainability to safeguard our planet. Fourth Element aspires to become zero plastic, zero waste, zero carbon and zero impact by 2030, and Ocean Positive Products are a large part of it. Fourth Element Ocean Positive products must be:

  • Made from at least 30% recycled materials such as Undersuits
  • Comes from a certified sustainable source such as Yulex material
  • Product is a tool to help reduce plastic pollution, such as fishing nets taken out from the sea

New Fourth Element Arctic Undersuit - Ocean Positive 

We couldn't wait to try it out on our next dive. As we descended into the icy waters, we were amazed at how warm and comfortable it was in combination with the Fourth Element J2 baselayer. The Arctic Undersuit was doing its job in water that was barely 6C. Not only was it keeping us warm, but it felt great knowing that a company was actively trying to minimise the dive industry's effect on the environment. We spent the next hour exploring the Vobster world, completely immersed in the winter ambience. We cannot wait to see what other innovative products Fourth Element will develop next.