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Scubapro Air 2 5th Generation

The Scubapro Air 2 is a great concept invented by Scubapro themselves. It is ideal for the travelling diver who wants to cut down on weight and combines your Octopus with the inflator for the BCD eliminating at least 800grams to a kilo off a regulator set.

A lot of divers criticised the concept as it meant that if your buddy does run out of air then you need to give him your regulator and you switch to the Air 2, which means that there would be a time when you would not have a regulator in your mouth. Which is a valid point but given that it has been shown in most out of air emergencies underwater the buddy actually takes your regulator in the first place, or is the one offered immediately to the out of air diver as it is the most convenient to hand this would invalidate any issues of the switch.

We can fit the Air 2 to any BCD.

AIR2's components design takes advantage of the best regulator technology to guarantee maximum efficiency and reliability.

  • Classic Downstream Valve
  • Air-Balanced Power Inflator Valve
  • Can be assembled on any BC
  • Single-Hose Configuration
  • Fixed VIVA flow vane


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