Top Dive Bags for Your Next Underwater Adventure in 2024

Top Dive Bags for Your Next Underwater Adventure in 2024

A good dive travel bag is defined by its lightweight nature coupled with its ability to hold a substantial amount of gear. The ideal bag strikes a perfect balance between being easy to carry, especially when navigating through airports or towards your next underwater adventure, and having ample space to accommodate all your essential equipment. This combination ensures that divers can transport their gear efficiently without being burdened by unnecessary weight. Below is a compilation and review of some of the best dive bags in 2024.

When considering the diverse types of dive bags suitable for different uses, we categorize them into four main types: hand luggage, hold luggage, duffle bags, and mesh bags. 

The best bags for travelling holiday divers are undoubtedly roller bags, renowned for their convenience and versatility. Available in various sizes, some roller bags are compact enough to meet airline regulations for carry-on baggage, making them perfect for short trips or as a complement to checked luggage. Others are designed for quick weekend getaways, offering just enough space for essential gear without the bulk. For the long-haul adventurer, there are larger models capable of carrying a significant load, ensuring that no piece of equipment is left behind. Whether you're jet-setting for a weekend or setting out on an extended vacation, there's a roller bag tailored to every diver's needs.

  • Hand Luggage: These are designed to meet airline carry-on specifications and are ideal for transporting valuables and essential items that divers prefer to keep within their reach during travel. They often come with padded compartments for electronics and important documents.
  • Hold Luggage: These are larger, checked luggage options built to withstand the rigours of travel while holding the bulk of your diving gear. They're characterized by their durability, spacious interiors, and, rigours sometimes, wheels for easier transit.
  • Duffle Bags and Dive Backpacks: Duffle bags offer a mix of versatility and simplicity. They present a spacious main compartment for gear, often without specialized sections. Their soft sides can adapt to a variety of load shapes and sizes, making them a favourite, among divers who prefer a straightforward, no-fuss option. Most duffle bags will have shoulder straps, making them into awesome dive backpacks
  • Mesh Bags: Ideal for daily diving trips, mesh bags allow for easy rinsing and drying of gear without removal from the bag. They're lightweight and perfect for short excursions or carrying gear to and from the boat or shore dives.
  • Regulator Bags: These specialized bags are designed to protect your diving regulator. They often come with padded compartments and extra pockets for other small gear items.
  • Dry Bags: Perfect for water activities, dry bags come in a variety of sizes and styles and are designed to keep your belongings dry even when submerged in water or . They're ideal for keeping valuables safe while diving or participating in other water

Each type of bag serves a distinct purpose, catering to the varying needs of divers whether they're travelling internationally, heading out for a day of dives, or just looking for a convenient way to carry their equipment.


Best Mesh Bags

Work hose in every diver's armoury - a mesh bag is a versatile and practical piece of equipment designed for the transportation, rinsing, and drying of diving gear. It is an essential accessory for snorkelers, beachgoers, and scuba divers, particularly when enjoying days out on the beach or daily scuba diving off the dive boat. Mesh bags are made of a durable, lightweight material that allows water and sand to drain out easily, making them perfect for wet gear storage. Here are some of the best mesh dive bags in 2024:

Best Diving Mesh Bags


Best Carry-On Dive Bag

Small bags such as TUSA Small Dive Bag are specifically designed to meet the needs of divers who prioritize efficiency and mobility. With a capacity of around 40 liters, these bags are compact yet spacious enough to carry high-value equipment such as regulators, diving electronics, and even personal gadgets like laptops and photo/video gear. Their dimensions are carefully crafted to fit within the carry-on luggage size limits of most airlines, making them an ideal choice for divers travelling by air. However, it's advisable to double-check airline regulations as they can differ, ensuring that your travel goes as smoothly as your dives.

Best Carry-On Luggage Dive Bag


Best Dive Roller Bag

Medium Bags are the quintessential choice for divers planning a weekend below the waves. With a generous capacity of around 80 litres, these bags can accommodate most of your essential scuba gear, including wetsuits, fins, and additional accessories for a week-long holiday. To ensure effortless manoeuvrability, a quality medium-size roller bag is equipped with multiple handles for easy lifting in any situation. The incorporation of durable roller wheels and a telescopic handle is paramount, facilitating smooth transitions through airports and making it a breeze to move to check-in gate.

Large Roller Bags are the biggest bags available and will feature a capacity of 100 litres and above. They are designed to comfortably cuddle the whole set of diving equipment for a week-long and extended scuba diving holiday. Just like the previous type, a large roller bag should feature well-made handles, larger robust roller wheels and a selection of compartments. They are all you need to take your favourite kit on tropical holidays or an exploration liveaboard.

Best Diving Roller Bags


Best Expedition Dive and Duffle Bags

When I asked Jim Standing - one of the owners of Fourth Element - why your bags do not have wheels, he gave me a quick, straight answer - "Our dive bags were mainly designed for expedition-type diving. That's why wheels are not priority in our luggage range design". Expedition duffle dive bags and dive backpacks need to be super sturdy and flexible and have the potential to be used in diving places that are hard to access, such as caves. That's why Fourth Element excels in diving backpacks and duffle bags.

Best Diving Duffle Dive Bag


Best Dive Dry Bags

Dry bags are an essential item for any water sport enthusiast, not just divers. They come in handy when you're out on the boat or at the beach, keeping your personal belongings safe and dry. Dry bags are made from waterproof materials such as PVC, vinyl, or nylon and typically feature a roll-top closure to keep water out. They vary in size from small pouches to large duffel bags, and some even come with backpack straps for easy carrying. While they may not be the best option for storing wet gear, dry bags are perfect for keeping your clothes, electronics, and other personal items safe from water damage. They are also great for transporting your gear from your accommodation to the dive site, ensuring that everything stays dry and protected.

Best Dive Dry Bags

Best Regulator Bags

No matter where you are - travelling the world or enjoying your weekend dives - a simple regulator bag or shell case is essential to protect your regulators, ensuring they remain in optimal condition for your underwater adventures. These protective bags are specifically designed to cushion and shield your regulators from dust, moisture, and the knocks and bumps of travel. Compact and lightweight, they fit easily into your larger dive bags or can be carried separately for convenience. Their importance cannot be overstated; after all, reliable regulators are crucial for a safe and enjoyable dive experience.

In summary, there is a wealth of choice in terms of dive travel luggage, accommodating every kind of aquatic adventurer, from the weekend snorkeler to the globe-trotting scuba diver. Whether your priority is compact design for easy carry-on, generous capacity for extended trips, or specialized storage for sensitive gear, the market offers an array of options tailored to every need. Mesh bags, carry-on rollers, expedition tough duffles, and protective regulator cases illustrate the diverse selection available to safeguard and streamline your travel experience, ensuring that your focus remains on the underwater wonders awaiting discovery. So, next time you're packing for your diving trip, be sure to research and invest in the ideal dive bag for your specific needs. Happy diving!