Backscatter Flip 5 System For GoPro Cameras

Backscatter Flip 5 System For GoPro Cameras

There is absolutely no doubt that GoPro cameras are capable of shooting some pretty incredible footage and that their compact size together with the underwater housing makes them ideal for most divers but one of their minor weaknesses is how they handle colour when underwater.

The cheapest solution that helps to reduce the amount of colour correction required during editing is to use a basic red filter but these are quite often loose fitting so could fall off, poorly made so don't last very long and only apply for a very narrow band of diving situations.

A much better solution is to use something like the Backscatter Flip 5 system that allows mounts up to two different filters or lenses around the GoPro Dive Housing lens port. Each filter or lens can be flipped in and out of place to suit different situations as you need them. The beauty of the system is that not only does it fit the latest Hero5 camera but also backward compatible with the Hero4, Hero3+ and Hero3 models.

Backscatter Flip 5 System

The Backscatter Flip 5 comes in three levels, a single filter kit, a three filter kit and a pro kit. All the kits are made using aircraft grade aluminium to make it strong and light, the necessary spacers to allow the kit to securely fit to the housing lens port (it fits multiple GoPro versions remember), a lens remover for the Hero5 and the filters are made from an incredibly strong material that will help them to stand up to the rigours of diving.

Backscatter Flip 5 One Filter Kit

Backscatter Flip5 Single Filter Kit

The Single Filter Kit is ideal for shallower diving between 6m and 15m for which the filter has been specifically tailored for the best results. Unlike the Three Filter and Pro Kits this version only supports the mounting of one filter but if you found your were more likely to use one of the others filters on some dives you could always buy it separately and fix it into the mount yourself.


Backscatter Flip5 Three Filter Kit

The Three Filter Kit is probably the go-to option for some divers using a GoPro is it offers an additional flip filter mount and comes with the shallow, dive and deep filter versions. Whilst you can only mount two of the filters the dive and deep filters cover depths from 6m onwards.

The shallow filter is really just for snorkelling as it is only suitable for depths above 6m but having it just gives that option if you fancy a quick dip. You just need to quickly swap on of the other filters out and away you go. 

Backscatter Flip 5 Three Filter Kit
Backscatter Flip 5 Pro Package

Backscatter Flip5 Pro Package

The Pro Package not only comes with three filters but also a 55mm lens adapter and +15 macro lens which has been specially corrected for the GoPro and allows you to shoot the many small species of marine life that you will come across.

The benefit is obviously that you can flip the macro lens in and out of place as you need it so that you can switch back to one of the colour filters whilst you carry on with the dive until you spot something else.


Don't Forget that the Flip 5 is compatible with the Hero 5, 4, 3+ and 3 cameras. Backscatter has also created great videos on attaching the filters to your camera and changing a filter, which can be found here.