Light and Motion GoBe Torches Get Even Better!!


A few years ago we were ecstatic to be able to offer the GoBe range of torches from Light and Motion to the UK market. Now, they have undergone a few changes to increase their performance and make them more affordable!

Light and Motion GoBe S 500 Spot Dive Torch

There are several differences between GoBe torches and a standard dive torch, the most noticeable being its modular nature. The heads on GoBe torches can be switched out with any GoBe body, meaning that one torch can be transformed to suit multiple lighting situations by changing the head. This eliminates the need to buy and carry around 3 or 4 different torches. The entire range is depth-rated to 120m and can be used above or below water, unlike many other powerful dive torches. 

Light and Motion have recently introduced the GoBe S range, which phases out many of the old torches. The major difference between the S models and the older models is the removal of the fast-charge chip. As all GoBe torches charge via a USB cable, the fast-charge chip was intended to reduce recharge time. While it did this, it often created problems and needed to be replaced. By removing the chip entirely in the S models, the recharge time is slightly slower, but the fault has also been completely eliminated. 

With that change out of the way, let's talk about what the GoBe range has to offer!

Light and Motion GoBe S 500 Spot Dive LightFirst off is the GoBe S 500 Spot. The torch comes in Berry or Blue and clocks in at 500 lumens. It has been upgraded to a 2.6 AH battery, making the output consistently bright and it has a 1.5 hour run time at full power. This torch is a great place to start out in the GoBe range and offers everything most recreational divers need. 

Light and Motion GoBe S 700 Spot TorchNext up, the GoBe S 700 Spot. For those who need a bit more out of their torch, this might be a good option. With a 20 degree, 700 lumen output, it is bright enough for dark night diving and is a fantastic primary torch. Like most of the other GoBe torches, it offers high, medium and low settings, which can be easily switched between while diving. 

GoBe S 500 Search Dive Torch from Light and MotionA slightly more specialised torch, the GoBe S 500 Search has a lot to offer. With a tight 8 degree beam radius, this light is designed to penetrate through adverse lighting and murky waters. It is ideal for signalling, tech diving, or search and rescue applications. With the type of diving in mind, this torch has a run-time of 2.2 hours at full power, giving you high performance for as long as possible. 

Light and Motion GoBe 850 Wide Dive LightThat concludes the new GoBe S range, but we still have a few more torches to talk about. First, the Gobe 850 Wide torch. With a 60 degree beam angle, this torch is designed to give consistent, even lighting across your entire field of view, making it perfect for a bit of video. The Gobe 850 Wide is very bright, making it well suited for nighttime video. It has an SOS function and slightly shorter recharge time than the S range of torches.

Light and Motion GoBe Nightsea UV Dive LightWe'll finish up with what is possibly the coolest torch in the range, the GoBe NightSea. This torch emits a blue light, which is designed to excite the natural fluorescence present in many underwater organisms. To fully experience this phenomenon, you will need a mask filter, and if you wish to film it, then your camera or GoPro needs a filter too. Though the light appears blue, the yellow flip cap easily converts it back to a white light for navigational purposes. To see how incredible this type of diving can be check out this video using the Sola Nightsea. 

Those are all the complete GoBe torches available from Light and Motion, but keep in mind any GoBe light head can be bought separately and attached to the body to customise your system!