8 Reasons To Jump Into Snorkelling

8 Reasons To Jump Into Snorkelling

8 Reasons To Jump Into Snorkelling

Curious about what lies beneath the waves in the underwater world? If you’re not ready to start diving just yet and want to test the waters, why not jump into snorkelling? Snorkelling is a great way to enter the ocean world and discover more about the ocean. Here are 8 more reasons why you need to jump into snorkelling. 

It’s An Inexpensive Activity 

Snorkelling is a much cheaper option than scuba diving as you don’t have to invest in as much kit. Snorkelling equipment is also usually much cheaper than scuba diving equipment. But before you invest in snorkelling equipment, make sure that you do your research to ensure that the equipment that you’re buying is reliable and comfortable. 

We stock a range of high-quality snorkelling equipment, such as fins, masks and snorkels, on our website. Check out the full range here. Have any questions about what type of snorkelling equipment will fit your needs? Send us an email at support@mikesdivestore.com where we’d be happy to help ease your decision-making process. 

8 Reasons To Jump Into Snorkelling

So Much To Discover

There is SO MUCH to discover beneath the waves. There’s a whole lot down in the ocean that’s waiting to be discovered. The ocean is FULL of marine life, corals, fish, shells, crustaceans and so much more. The ocean represents 70% of our planet - that’s why we find it so intriguing and exciting. It’s full of life, colours, shapes and unexpected encounters. It also feels like you’re swimming in a real-life aquarium!

Not A Huge Learning Curve 

As a beginner snorkeler, there isn’t too steep of a learning curve to understand how to snorkel. You also don’t need a qualification to start snorkelling. The only learning curve that you may find difficult is putting your head face down in the water and breathing through a mouthpiece. If this concerns you, then we highly recommend investing in a full-face snorkelling mask. These masks cover your entire face so you can breathe through your nose or mouth like you would on the surface. 

It’s An Ideal Activity For The Whole Family 

As long as you’re a good swimmer with no health conditions, anyone can try snorkelling! Anyone from the family can get involved and it’s a great sport to do together. It’s a great experience to share with others and a fun activity to do with your family and friends while on holiday. 

Top 8 Reasons To Jump Into Snorkelling

Get Into The Relaxation Zone 

Snorkelling is a highly relaxing and calming activity. Yes, it’s a sport and can be quite a workout sometimes, yet snorkelling provides a uniquely relaxing experience. As you take a peek into the underwater world, all your worries and stresses of the day are forgotten as you’re focusing on the beautiful sights and tranquil setting that surround you. 

First Step Into Scuba Diving 

Thinking about scuba diving but are not yet ready to take the plunge? Then this is the perfect way to have a taster of what it’s like to be in the underwater world. It's a great way to discover if you want to pursue diving. With snorkelling, you’re already learning skills that scuba divers require, so it better prepares you for when you start diving. 

Be At One With Marine Life

Imagine being at one with marine life. Swimming where they’re swimming and take a peek into their daily lives, interactions, habitats and behaviours. With snorkelling, you get to experience close encounters with marine life. You get to explore their world and you get to become part of it too! There’s nothing more special than seeing marine creatures, doing their daily thing in their natural habit - and what’s better is that you’re there with them too!

Top 8 Reasons To Jump Into Snorkelling - Mike's Dive Store

Expect The Unexpected

When snorkelling, you’ll never know what to expect and that’s one of the things that make snorkelling so exciting! You cannot predict the type of marine life you’ll find or the encounters you’ll experience. In one direction you discover a clownfish in its little anemone, you turn around and a sea turtle is gliding past you. 

There are so many incredible experiences waiting for you in the underwater world. So what are you waiting for? Jump in!

We’re Here to Help

If you have any questions about snorkelling or any of the snorkelling gear mentioned, please email us at support@mikesdivestore.com where we have a team of snorkelling professionals that’s here to help you out with any snorkelling questions you may have. Or if you live locally or in the surrounding areas of London, pop in and come visit us in-store where you can take a look at our range yourself and find the perfect snorkelling equipment for you.