Mike's Dive Store's Christmas Gifts For Underwater Photographers

Well, here it is, the Christmas list of Gifts for Underwater Photographers! We here at Mike's Dive Store all had a sit down and decided these were the photography-related gifts we would want to get this Christmas season, and here's why!
  • Intova Leak-Sorb Inserts - These little guys are great for absorbing small amounts of water and condensation in a camera housing that could otherwise damage the camera. 
  • Intova Camera Care Kit - This little kit contains everything to keep a camera clean and in good working order. It also comes in a hard clear case which is easy to throw in a dive bag or car. 
  • GoPro Head Strap and Quick Clip - The perfect gift for the GoPro enthusiast! Allows for attachment of the camera on the head or clipping it to a hat, but be warned, whoever gets this as a gift may never leave the house without the GoPro again!
  • An Advanced Guide to Digital Underwater Photography - For those who are already interested in Underwater Photography, but looking to improve their images and learn new techniques, this book is the perfect resource.
  • An Essential Guide to Digital Underwater Photography - If someone has just started out in underwater photography, or if you happen to know they're getting a camera for Christmas, this book provides the perfect how-to for taking great images right off the bat.
  • GoPole Grenade Grip - This grip is the perfect compact solution that allows for full control of direction and angle of the camera, without a large tray or extender pole.
  • Sealife Sea Dragon Red Fire Filter - This filter, designed for the Sea Dragon lights, blocks some of the light so as not to scare away sea creatures with bright lights, allowing for easier and subsequent images.
  • GoPole Bobber - This grip is a fantastic 2-in-1! It offers a convenient way to hold the GoPro while filming, and also floats the camera while in use, so an accidental drop wont send it sinking to the bottom of the ocean!
  • Magic Filters - These cut-to-size filters are perfect for use with any underwater camera. They filter out blue-green hues and allow for images to be in more true to life colours. 
  • OverBoard Waterproof SLR Bag - Designed to fit all sizes of SLR and DSLR cameras, this bag is waterproof and has heavily padded walls to make sure your camera and lenses travel safely with you on all your adventures.
  • UK Pro GoPro Case - This hard case keeps the GoPro camera and all it's accessories safe from harm. The padded interior means the camera won't jostle about, even on bumpy journeys.
  • Light and Motion Sola Nightsea Mask Filter - This mask filter will allow the amazing florescent response created by the Nightsea Torch to be seen. To capture incredible images of this phenomenon, the camera needs it's own filter too.  
  • Sealife Aquapod - The Aquapod gives a whole new angle on photos and videos! It is compatible with all Sealife Cameras and comes with a mount for the GoPro as well.
  • Aquapac SLR Camera Case - If someone is looking to take pictures in watery or rainy conditions, it may seem an expensive hard case housing is the only option, but this case keeps cameras nice and dry. The perfect accessory to deal with the variable English weather!
  • Backscatter Flip 3.1 Combo Pack for GoPro - Compatible with the Hero 3, 3+ and 4 cameras, these filters offer the ultimate variable solution to filming underwater. The pack comes with a shallow, dive and deep filter, ensuring that there is no greenish tint present no matter the situation.
  • Light and Motion Sidekick Duo - This fantastic little buddy to the GoPro camera goes a long way in improving footage quality and light, without being incredibly costly, large, or cumbersome. It connects directly to the GoPro and has both a spot and a flood mode. 
  • Sealife Sea Dragon Mini Flood Torch - At 650 lumens, this tiny torch really packs a punch! It's wide angle makes it perfect for photo and video and is a great no-nonsense small torch to have around.
  • Light and Motion GoBe Nightsea Torch - This torch allows the underwater world to be seen in an entirely new way! It is the perfect gift for divers who think they have seen it all! It excites the florescent properties present in some aquatic animals, plants and minerals. 
  • Light and Motion GoBe 700 Wide Torch - Incredibly bright at 700 Lumens and with a wide angle, this torch is perfect for video capture, especially when filming with wide-angle cameras like the GoPro where a spot light wont cut it. 
  • Sealife Micro HD Camera - This camera is really meant to go diving! capable of both still and video, it is small, easy to use, and can be turned into an incredible digital imaging machine with the addition of a Sea Dragon Torch.
  • GoPro Hero 4 Black Surf Edition - The GoPro has certainly made a name for itself and rightfully so! The Hero 4 Black is capable of capturing video up to 4k as well as still shots, and it's standard case is waterproof to 40m. It is certainly the ultimate action camera, and the ultimate gift for a underwater video enthusiast.
  • Sealife Sea Dragon 2100 Torch - This dual-beam continuous video light provides an incredible caliber wide angle light that is perfect for making video look really professional and high quality. Compatible with all Sealife cameras and adaptable for the GoPro, this light will transform a video kit from being good to being great. 
  • Sealife Sea Dragon 2500 Torch - This light can be used for video or photo, making it incredibly versatile. It mimics natural sunlight and is bright enough to illuminate dark crevices in brilliant colour to take fantastic video or photos of the creatures that lurk in them.