Mike's Dive Store Christmas Gifts for Snorkellers



We here at Mike's Dive Store have come up with what we think is a pretty definitive guide to Christmas Gifts for Snorkellers! There was some debate about what to include, but we have reached an agreement and here's why each gift was included.

  • Look Clear Mask De-Fog - A great small gift, this spray keeps masks crystal clear without fuss and is easy to toss in a bag or pocket.
  • Fish Identification Slates - These handy guides are waterproof and available for different regions. Perfect to bring along on your holiday and a great way to learn about and enjoy marine life.
  • McNett Wetsuit Shampoo - While rinsing wetsuits is good, every now and then they need a deep clean. This wetsuit shampoo is designed to clean neoprene and keep it performing (and smelling) like new.
  • Mares Torpedo Buoy - It's important to be seen when snorkelling in areas where boats may be active. This inflatable buoy comes with line and is easy to tow along while swimming.
  • OverBoard 5L Dry Tube - This small dry bag ensures valuables will be kept safe and dry on the boat or on the shore while off snorkelling, and can also fit a T-Shirt if needed.
  • One Breath - This beautifully photographed and written book is perfect for those interested in diving a little deeper. One woman's journey from starting freediving to becoming a renowned instructor, as well as a reflection on the sport as a whole. 
  • Tusa Hyperdry Elite II Snorkel - For those who are a bit more nervous about snorkelling, or just looking for a more comfortable experience, this snorkel is designed to keep unwanted water out of the tube.
  • Scubapro T-Flex Men's Rash Vest - For snorkelling in those really warm waters, even a 3mm wetsuit might be too much, but a bit of protection is always good. It protects up to 80 UVB and helps to prevent getting scratches and stings on your arms.
  • Scubapro T-Flex Women's Rash Vest - All the same great benefits as above but for the Ladies, as well as a stylish blue design. 
  • Tusa Splendive Mask and Snorkel Set - The Perfect set for Snorkellers, combining a semi-dry snorkel and high quality mask, this makes a perfect gift for new snorkellers or those off on holiday to tropical locales.
  • Tusa Mesh Backpack - Carrying masks, fins, towels and dry clothes can be cumbersome, and so can finding a place to stick all the wet stuff when you're done. This Backpack is big enough to carry all that kit, with an internal pocket for keys and wallets.
  • Scubapro Seawing Nova Fins - The Ultimate snorkelling fins! These fins are comfortable, powerful and sturdy. Well loved by the diving community, the full foot version is exactly the same, but for snorkelling.
  • Beuchat Mundial Competition Fins - These fins are the perfect gift for those looking to dive deeper on one breath. They are a great solution for those just getting into freediving or who are already passionate about the sport.
  • Subgear S2 Eco Stereo Fins - Made out of carbon fiber, these fins are incredibly light for their size and are great for travelling. Aimed at both fervent freedivers and beginners, these fins will al;low you to delve into deeper waters.
  • Subgear Mono Fin - Made of carbon and fiberglass materials, this fin allows for an entirely new diving and swimming experience! High-quality for avid freedivers and light enough to take on holiday, it even comes with its own carrier bag.
  • GoPro Hero 4 Black Surf Edition - The ultimate action camera, the Hero 4 Black is capable of capturing up to 4K video and any conditions you throw at it. The perfect camera to film all the wonderful aquatic life while snorkelling, or just swimming in the pool.
  • Mares Avanti Excel Fins - Our most popular snorkelling fins! These fins are a powerful, full foot version in Mares' popular Avanti series, and have been loved by divers and snorkellers alike for years!
  • Neo Slix Suit Lubricant - Makes it a breeze to get into tricky suits! Pulling a wet suit off also becomes easy and helps to prevent rashes sometimes caused by neoprene.
  • Waterproof 2mm Neoprene Socks - Keeps feet warm and safe! Prevents blisters and chafing from too-tight fins and helps with rubbing caused by long hours in the water!
  • OverBoard Waterproof iPhone Case - Using your phone on boats or around water can be made safe with this simple case. Allows for full use of touch screen functionality.
  • OverBoard Waterproof Digital Camera Case - Perfect for those friends that always want a picture of everything! This case allows the camera to be used in the ocean or in the pool to capture all those holiday memories.
  • Overboard Waterproof Earbuds - these headphones are completely waterproof up to 6m and can be used wile swimming, snorkelling, or even in the bath! We all know that one person who hates to be without their music!
  • Scubapro Everflex Women's Skin Suit - This skin suit is perfect for snorkelling by itself in really warm climates, or as an added layer to make wetsuits easier to get on and off while providing a bit of extra warmth.
  • Scubapro Everflex Men's Skin Suit - Sun and sting protection! The same great suit as above but for men and in stylish red and black.