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Mares Jax Mouldable Regulator Mouthpieces

The Mares Jax Mouldable mouthpiece for your regulator are certainly not cheap but once fitted you will realise what you spent your money on! Designed by an actual orthodontist and allows you to mould your mouthpiece to your own individual mouth and teeth shape. 

Simply immerse JAX in boiling water for a few seconds and then clamp it between your teeth to achieve a perfectly stable mouthpiece that will ensure perfect comfort.

Eliminates rubbing against the gums.

Relaxes facial muscles.

Protects the joints of the jaw.

Eliminates mouthpiece headaches.


Yellow 1 In Stock
Black 2 In Stock
Blue 2 In Stock
Clear 3-4 days
Pink 10 In Stock
White 2 In Stock
Flourescent Yellow 3-4 days
Green 3-4 days
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