Ongoing support for amazing Sea-Changers

Ongoing support for amazing Sea-Changers

Mike's Dive Store understands the importance of protecting and preserving our marine environment. Our commitment to Sea-Changers is a reflection of this. By supporting them, we are able to contribute towards vital research, conservation and education projects across the UK.

Who are Sea Changers

Sea-Changers supports charities that work on some incredible projects that aim to protect our marine environment in many ways. These include restoring habitats and species, raising public awareness and teaching people about sustainable practices. We believe everyone should have access to clean beaches, healthy fish stocks and safe places for swimming and diving, which is why we are proud to support Sea-Changers in their mission.

Sea-Changers works with individuals, schools and businesses to raise funds for marine conservation projects. They receive donations from members of the public, as well as corporate contributions from companies like Mike's Dive Store. All funds are distributed in accordance with their funding policy that focuses on projects engaging in direct support of particular projects.

How Mike's Dive Store Supports Sea Changers

So far, Mike's Dive Store has raised over £16,000 for Sea-Changers, and we are committed to doing more. By partnering with them, we hope to inspire more people to join us in our mission of protecting and preserving the marine environment. Help us make a difference – join the Sea-Changer community today!

Steve Brown, MD at Mike's Dive Store, said: "The UK's seas give Mike's Dive Store's customers a rich variety of opportunities to enjoy their sport. We are delighted to play our part in making sure there are healthy oceans and coastlines for future generations of divers to enjoy and learn from. We are proud to have reached this fundraising milestone."

How to get involved

Our oceans are under threat from pollution, climate change and human activity. Thanks to the efforts of organisations like Sea-Changers and businesses like Mike's Dive Store, we can make sure our seas remain healthy and vibrant for generations to come. Make a real impact on our marine environment by supporting Sea-Changers today! Please show your support by donating to Sea-Changers or joining their community and attending events. Every contribution you make helps create a better future for our oceans.

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