Metalsub XRE 1200 Rechargable Dive Torch Manual

Metalsub XRE 1200 Rechargable Dive Torch Manual

General Care

Caring for your Metalsub XRE 1200R Dive Torch is extremely important!

  • After each dive, rinse the dive light under running water to remove all traces of dirt, sand and salt.
  • Dry the charging sockets after each dive, we suggest blowing in air with an airgun or straight from the cylinder.
  • Avoid physical impact.
  • Do not expose the dive light to direct sunlight or another heat source for a long period of time to avoid overheating.


The Metalsub torch warranty will start on the date of purchase.

The warranty period is 24 months and will only count when the torch has been used in the way the manufacturer advises and has explained in the outlines. During this warranty period we will repair all problems that are caused by manufacture related mistakes.

We will take no responsibility for damage that is done through misuse or normal wear and tear of the Metalsub dive light for whatever reason. There is no warranty on the o-rings.

The warranty period of the battery pack is 12 months from purchase date. Until 36 months from purchase we offer a fair settlement. We will give no warranty when any person has carried out any repair or rebuilding on our products by themselves!

All goods being returned for warranty must be returned prepaid, sufficiently packed under the owners risk to your Metalsub dealer.

Important Safety Information

A) Read this manual carefully before using the dive light.

B) Always carry a backup light in case of dangerous dives.

C) During air travel, take care of the following to prevent overheating when the dive light is switched on by accidental impact or mishandling.

  • The accupack must be discharged .
  • Unscrew the Tail Part of the dive light a few turns from the body. This establishes a disconnection between the battery and the LED light (please note that dirt on the o-ring should be avoided).

D) To prevent loss always clip or tie the lamp to the B.C. with a lanyard.

E) Always use the supplied charger (MP1200) or Car Adapter.

F) Always charge the lamp in a dry and well ventilated place with an ambient temperature between 0 and 30°C and never by an open fire

Instructions for Use


Switching the light on and off

  • On: Press the switch For 3 seconds from the off position. The light will burn at 100% capacity.
  • Off: Press the switch For 3 seconds. The light will blink several times and switches off afterwards.

Signal / Dim Options

  • Dim (75% capacity): Press the switch from the on position 1 x fast (within 1 sec.)
  • Dim (50% capacity): Press the switch from the dim position (dim 75%) 1 x fast (within 1 sec.)
  • Dim (25% capacity): Press the switch from the dim position (dim 50%) 1 x fast (within 1 sec.)
  • Flash: Press the switch 2 x fast (within 0.5 sec.)
  • S.O.S: Press the switch from the flash 1 x fast (within 1 sec.) (The S.O.S. flash should only to be used in case of an emergency)
  • Stop Signal: Switch the light off and then back on to return to dim settings.

The LED indicator around the switch of the dive light represents the following:

  • LED green: ca. 100 - 50% remaining capacity
  • LED orange: ca. 50 - 20% remaining capacity
  • LED red: ca. 20 - 10% remaining capacity
  • LED red flashing: ca. 10 - 0% remaining capacity (the light power automatically drops down to 33% capacity).

Note: these values strongly depend on the water temperature! Values are measured in water temperature of 20 °C. At lower temperatures (for example 10 °C) the LED indication will change from green into orange within a few minutes.

Travel Safety

  • The dive light Tail can be unscrewed from the body before traveling by plane.
  • This establishes a disconnection between the battery and the LED light, which prevents the light from accidentally switching on.
  • Unscrew the Tail end approx. three turns.

Please don’t forget to screw the Tail back on the dive light body after the journey!


Changing the rechargeable battery pack

  • For changing the battery pack we recommend the light is hand in at an authorised Metalsub dealer.
  • Warning: - Never remove the battery pack yourself. Wrong battery cells in combination with the charger can cause fire and injuries!

Charging Instructions

  • Securely insert the charger plug into the charging socket (see fig.)
  • Then connect the charger to the mains.
  • The LED indicator will turn green. (The supplied Car Adaptor could be used instead).

NOTE: The charger is suitable for a mains voltage of 100 Vac to 240 Vac. The supplied Car Adaptor is suitable for a 12 VDC connection.

  • Please check if the charge rings on the back of the dive light are dry and clean.
  • Press the dive light into the charge station. The LED indicator on the station starts to flash while charging.
  • While charging the LED indicator on the charge station represents the following:
  • Charging: the LED indicator flashes green. Trickle charge / battery pack full : the LED indicator lights green continuously.

NOTE: The accupack will be delivered partially charged and needs to be fully charged before use. (Wait until the LED indicator on the dive light lights continuously!, this improves the lifespan of the battery cells.)


Good to Know

  • It is advisable to use the dive light only underwater. If the dive light should be used above water it is advisable to use the dim position only in order to avoid overheating.
  • When the batteries are almost empty the light will switch off automatically. The batteries should be charged as soon as possible! Uncharged storage will cause deep discharge. In this case the batteries can’t be charged anymore!
  • In case of long term storage of the dive light, please charge the batteries every three months, then storage in a temperature within 0°C and 30°C.