Mares Regulator Technologies

Mares Regulator Technologies

Mares Regulators feature a range of advanced, innovative and unique features that make them some of the most popular, advanced and best performing regulators available.

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Mares All Metal Technology

All Metal Technology

Outstanding mechanical reliability and high thermal conductivity make our metal 2nd stages extremely long lasting and ideal for cold water dives. The high thermal conductivity of metal reduces also the dry mouth feeling during the dive.

Mares Dynamic Flow Control

DFC - Dynamic Flow Control

Minimises intermediate pressure drop during inhalation thus maximising gas delivery, especially under extreme conditions.

Mares Advanced Coating Technology Valve

ACT Valve - Advanced Coating Technology

The new valve in the “X” systems increases durability by an astounding 600%, even under the most extreme conditions.

Mares Twin Power

Twin Power

New, flow control manages the delivery rate of your gas, from natural breathing to power breathing. The former is the traditional way of breathing a Mares regulator, (VAD) while the latter (VAD+) provides an extra push when you need it.

Mares Vortex Assisted Design

VAD - Vortex Assisted Design

The air bypass tube delivers air to the mouthpiece creating a swirling vortex with a low pressure area in the centre that keeps the diaphragm down during inhalation, for very sensitive and easy breathing at all depths.

Mares Mesh Grid

Mesh Grid

Patented design which reduces the impact of water flow onto the second stage diaphragm, thus eliminating free flows even in strong currents.

Mares Superflex Hose

Superflex Hose

Extreme light weight and exceptional softness guarantee the maximum freedom of movement.