Dive Rite Wings

Dive Rite Wings
Dive Rite wings/air cells are available in many different designs supporting various combinations of single and double cylinders. Some designs are a a "donut" shape, others are a "horseshoe" shape.

All wings/air cells work with both the Transpac and TransPlates as well as a traditional backplate/harness Each air cell incorporates an airtight inner bladder, surrounded by an outer shell constructed of heavy-duty ballistic nylon and an oral/power inflation assembly.

The tough ballistic nylon outer bag protects the wing from tears and abrasion. The 15-mil urethane bladder is abrasion resistant, chemical resistant and resists the growth of microorganisms.

Some versions offer redundant inner bladders with separate inflators. Some air cells also include an adjustable/removable gusset-control cord to better control the shape characteristics of the air cell.

Key Features of Dive Rite wings