Top 10 Scuba Black Friday Picks

Top 10 Scuba Black Friday Picks

Ahoy, underwater enthusiasts! Black Friday has surfaced, riding the wave of deals like a manta on a current. It's that time of year when our favourite gear manufacturers unleash their latest and greatest, just in time for the gifting season. Not only is it a golden opportunity to snag those Christmas presents early (bidding farewell to last-minute mall marathons), but it's also the perfect moment to reel in your dream gear without sinking your budget. Think of the extra shells you can save for your winter sun dive trip to the tropics! So, without further ado, let's dive headfirst into our Top 10 Scuba Black Friday picks. Prepare for a tidal wave of savings, folks - it's about to get seriously splashy over here!

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Scubapro Bella BCD Pink

Scubapro raised the bar and our eyebrows with the Scubapro Bella BCD in a funky, vibrant pink. Turning heads and making waves, it's not just the colour that makes this BCD pop. Combining superior quality with a stunning design, Scubapro has added a splash of colour to their BCDs, breaking away from the monotonous black. If you're a diver who appreciates a blend of style and substance, this BCD would shoot to the top of your diving list. Perfect for those entering the scuba world or seasoned divers looking for a fresh look, it offers exceptional value for money. This Black Friday, make a bold statement underwater with Scubapro Bella BCD Pink without deflating your wallet. A fashionable and functional investment that's too good to miss! Remember, diving is not just an adventure, it's a lifestyle, so why not do it in style?

What do we love about Scubapro Bella?

Women-specific design, two rear trim pockets, cool colour and Super Cinch tank buckle system, lock the tank in rock-solid for maximum stability at depth!

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Waterproof W7 Wetsuits

Waterproof W7 for Men and Waterproof W7 for Women - Star Trek-like design, will have you looking like you're about to boldly go where no diver has gone before. It's not just about looks, this wet suit features a strategic two-pocket design, perfect for stowing away essential gear. The starship Enterprise crew would be envious of the functionality it provides underwater explorers. So, this Black Friday, why not take a deep dive into uncharted waters with the Waterproof W7? It's out of this world in terms of comfort, design, and affordability. It's not just a wet suit, it's your ticket to a scuba diving adventure that's truly stellar!

What do we love about Waterproof W7?

The unique Star Trek-like design, two-pocket functionality for essential gear storage, and excellent value for money during the Black Friday sale!

 Scuba Black Friday Deals - Waterproof

Ocean Reef Predator Full Face Dive Mask

If Waterproof is the top seller among Star Trek fans, the Ocean Reef Predator Full Face Dive Mask must surely speak to the Star Wars, Interstellar or Avatar enthusiasts out there. It's like stepping into a different universe every time you submerge. And it's not just about the cool factor. Full face mask diving offers a host of benefits that can transform your diving experience, such as easy breathing, a wider field of vision, and no jaw discomfort. It allows for convenient underwater communication and facilitates quick equalization. Another major plus is the preservation of body warmth around your face – an absolute game-changer for the winter season upon us. The Ocean Reef Predator makes cold water diving an entirely different – and much better – experience. So why not take the plunge this Black Friday? The force is strong with this one, folks!

What do we love about the Ocean Reef Predator?

Easy breathing, panoramic vision, jaw comfort, effective underwater communication, quick equalization, and preservation of body warmth around your face.

 Scuba Black Friday Deals - Ocean Reef Full Face Mask

Scubapro Aladin Sport Matrix

Say hello to the Scubapro Aladin Sport Matrix, an entry-level dive computer that checks all the boxes for beginner divers and then some. Punching well above its weight class and giving the Suunto Zoop Dive Computer a run for its money, the Aladin Sport Matrix offers a built-in digital compass and user-friendly interface at a similar price point. With an asking price that hovers just north of £200, it's a stellar starting point for those venturing into the open waters or advancing their diving skills. And did we mention the user-changable battery? That's right when you're on the go and your battery decides to take a nosedive, just pop a new one in, and you're back in action. Folks, the Scubapro Aladin Sport Matrix isn't just a dive computer, it's a trusty underwater accomplice for those starting their scuba journey.

What do we love about Scubapro Aladin Sport Matrix?

Ease of use for beginners, built-in digital compass, user-changable battery, and a competitive price point that rivals the Suunto Zoop.

 Scubapro's Matrix Sport Dive Computer

Tusa Hyflex Switch Fin

Dive into the future of scuba gear with the Tusa Hyflex Switch Fin. This fin boasts a revolutionary design that allows the blade and foot pocket to be separated, making packing and travel a breeze for divers on the go. But the innovation doesn't stop there. The foot pocket employs a blend of different materials to ensure not only a strong frame for optimum energy transfer to the blade but also a comfortable fit for your feet. These fins are more than just a piece of equipment; they're a transformative addition to any travelling diver's portfolio. This Black Friday, switch up your diving experience with the Tusa Hyflex Switch Fin - where futuristic design meets functionality and comfort.

What do we love about the Tusa Hyflex Switch Fin?

The modular design for easy packing and travel, a strong frame for efficient energy transfer, and a comfortable fit for extended use.

 Scuba Black Friday Deals - Tusa

Apeks Lifeline Reels

Apeks Lifeline Ascend 30m Reel - If you're looking for a reel that's as reliable as it is eye-catching, your search ends here. The Apeks Lifeline Reels are a sight to behold and use, crafted with a design grip that's not just stunning but also incredibly comfortable. They come in a range of line lengths, ensuring that there's a perfect reel for every diver out there. Our personal favourite? The Apeks Lifeline Ascend 30m Reel. It's a masterpiece in its own right, designed for both left and right-handed divers. With this reel, deploying your delayed Surface Marker Buoy (SMB) becomes a swift, effortless task. It's not just a reel; it's an invaluable addition to every diver's gear collection. This Black Friday, reel in the best deals with the Apeks Lifeline Reels, one of our top picks in the store!

What do we love about Apeks Lifeline Reels?

The fantastic grip design, stylish looks, a variety of line lengths, and easy-to-use design make SMB deployment quick and effortless.

Scuba Black Fridays Deals - Apeks Reels 

Mares Tana Combo

Embrace the purist form of diving with the Mares Tana Combo. This set has been the go-to choice for many seasoned freedivers and spearfishers over the years, and for good reason. The Tana mask's design is low-volume and streamlined, offering optimum performance without compromising on comfort. Its seal is incredibly comfortable, ensuring it sits snugly on your face even during extended underwater sessions. This set is highly recommended for those starting their freediving or spearfishing journey, given its superior features and dependable performance. This Black Friday, dive deeper into the depths with the Mares Combo Tana, one of the best starter freedivers/spearfishing masks on the market.

What do we love about the Mares Combo Tana?

Its low-volume, streamlined design, incredibly comfortable seal, and reputation as a favoured choice among accomplished freedivers and spearfishers.

 Scuba Black Friday Deals - Mares Tana Combo

Mares Freediving/Spearfishing Float

Dive into security and visibility with the Mares Freediving/Spearfishing Float, an accessory that completes your freediving set and serves as an essential tool for apnea dives. Often overlooked by freedivers, this bright orange float and flag drastically increases your visibility during an unexpected separation from your group. Spotting a vibrant float from afar is considerably easier than spotting camo wetsuit hoods! In situations where you get carried away into the open ocean and need rescue, the presence of this float can make a huge difference for search and rescue teams. It does significantly increase your visibility to passing boats, helping them steer clear of your location. Furthermore, there are places where legally, you must have a float while spearfishing, and regulations may dictate the size of the flag and the distance allowed from your float. So, why not stay on the right side of the rules and add an extra layer of security? This Black Friday, don't miss out on the Mares Freediving/Spearfishing Float – it's not just an accessory, it's a lifesaver.

What do we love about the Mares Freediving/Spearfishing Float?

Its high-visibility design increased safety by making the diver more noticeable to passing boats, compliance with law requirements, and the peace of mind it provided for potential rescue situations.

scuba black Friday deals - Mares Floats 

Scubapro Nova 850 Tec Dive Light

Dive into the darkness and emerge victorious with the Scubapro Nova 850 Tec Dive Light. This underwater light is the top pick for your personal underwater lightsaber. Crafted with precision and durability in mind, it's solid, well-made, and operates using a reliable twist switch you can trust. Plus, it's powered by a widely available C-Cell battery, meaning you're never in danger of not being able to use the light (C-Cell batteries can be purchased in most destinations). Despite its robust construction, this torch isn't overly bulky, making it a perfect fit for recreational diving while still being a vital backup tool for technical divers. On this Black Friday, light up your underwater adventures with the Scubapro Nova 850 Tec Dive Light - our prime choice for an underwater torch.

What do we love about the Scubapro Nova 850 Tec Dive Light?

Its solid construction, reliable twist switch, the convenience of a widely available C-Cell battery, and versatility for both recreational and technical diving.

 scuba black friday deals - Scubapro Scuba Lights

Suunto DX Watch Style Dive Computer

If you're looking for a deal that's too good to pass up this Black Friday, then the Suunto DX Watch Style Dive Computer is your pick. Once the number one choice for instructors worldwide, the Suunto DX is the first watch-style dive computer released with multiple diving modes, including air, nitrox, and trimix, for both open-circuit and closed-circuit diving. But the features don't stop there. It also boasts a freediving apnea mode, making it one of the most comprehensive tools available to divers with active lifestyles. Though it may not have a colour screen, for just under £400, you'll struggle to find a better fully-loaded watch-style dive computer. It also features air integration and a reliable 3D compass. The perfect Christmas present to kick start your diving in the New Year.

What do we love about the Suunto DX Watch Style Dive Computer?

Its multiple diving modes, including air, nitrox, and trimix, allow open and closed circuit diving, a freediving apnea mode, air integration and a reliable 3D compass. Plus, it offers unparalleled value for money.

scuba black Friday deals - Suunto DX



As the holiday season approaches, it's time to gear up for our exciting Black Friday Scuba Deals of 2023. For those venturing into the depths of freediving or spearfishing, the Mares Combo Tana is a steal, offering optimum performance and comfort. The Mares Freediving/Spearfishing Float is a must-have safety accessory, ensuring visibility and regulatory compliance even in the most challenging situations.

Light up your undersea adventures with the robust and reliable Scubapro Nova 850 Tec Dive Light, a top pick for personal underwater illumination. Lastly, the Suunto DX Watch Style Dive Computer is a fully-loaded dive computer, offering multiple modes for different types of diving, making it the perfect companion for divers with active lifestyles.

Don't miss out on these top 10 Scuba Black Friday picks! These deals aren't just about saving money; they're about investing in safety, utility, and superior underwater experiences. So this Black Friday, dive into these fantastic deals and explore the underwater world like never before. Happy diving! #BlackFridayScubaDeals2023.