Scubapro S-Tek: Best Rec to Tec Setup

Scubapro S-Tek: Best Rec to Tec Setup

The Scubapro S-Tek system stands out as one of the top products in the market, reflecting a perfect synergy of design and functionality. The Scubapro's S-Tek Technical Diving System takes a fresh spin on the classic backplate and wing system. Its design is centred around adaptability, providing a perfect fit and ultimate comfort for the diver. To further enhance the program, a speciality accessory line has been added, enhancing the overall appeal and utility for recreational technical divers. With S-Tek, you have the flexibility to build your own personalized recreational to technical diving BCD or, alternatively, choose from one of our pre-configured packages. The S-Tek system brings a new perspective to recreational and technical diving, pushing boundaries and delivering freedom in use and fantastic scuba diving experience. 

Scubapro S-Tek Wing Single Tank System

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S-Tek Single Tank Setup for Recreational Globetrotter

Drawing from my extensive experience of touring and scuba diving in varied locales, I can confidently underscore the importance of compact and easily portable gear. The Scubapro S-Tek Single Tank Setup, paired with the lightweight Aluminium Backplate, emerges as a front-runner in this regard. This setup is not just compact, but it also ingeniously balances size with high functionality, which makes it an excellent companion for divers who are constantly on the move. Whether you're travelling for work or leisure, this setup ensures you can explore the underwater world without compromising on equipment quality or your diving experience, irrespective of your destination. The Scubapro's S-Tek Single Tank system, with its focus on adaptability and design, truly redefines the realm of diving, making it as accessible and enjoyable as possible. A must-have for any diver who values convenience and performance in equal measure!

Scubapro S-Tek System

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Dream Lightweight Set-up for a Travelling Diver

The Scubapro S-Tek 30 Wing paired with an Aluminium Backplate system is a travelling diver's dream come true for a variety of reasons. First and foremost, the entire system weighs under 3kg, making it impressively lightweight and therefore highly suitable for travelling. Lugging around heavy equipment is a common concern for divers on the go, but with the S-Tek 30 Wing and Aluminium Backplate, you're offered a practical and efficient solution.

Secondly, the design of the system makes packing a breeze. Unlike regular BCDs which can be bulky and cumbersome, the Scubapro S-Tek 30 Wing and Aluminium Backplate can be effortlessly slipped into your backpack or laid flat at the bottom of your suitcase. Its compact design ensures it takes up minimal space, leaving ample room for other essentials. The analogy to a flat-packed IKEA might be tempting if only for the high level of customisation and compactness offered by the Scubapro S-Tek system. However, the comparison ends right there. The Scubapro S-Tek system isn't just about convenience and compactness; it's about premium materials and craftsmanship. Every component of the S-Tek is meticulously designed and crafted to deliver superior performance and durability, meeting the most stringent standards for technical diving.

Consider, for example, the S-Tek wing donut bladders. Unlike most standard bladders, which are typically made with Cordura on the outer rig and a silicone bladder to hold air on the inside, the S-Tek Wing System deviates from this norm. All S-Tek Wings are crafted from Cordura for both the outer wing and the bladder. This robust construction ensures unparalleled durability and resilience. Whether your adventures lead you to the wrecks of Truk Lagoon, Coron, or Bikini Atoll, or you find yourself exploring the underwater caves in Mexico, this kit will stand the test. Crafted with a "bulletproof" design philosophy, the S-Tek Wing System is designed to withstand the most challenging diving conditions, giving you the confidence to push your diving boundaries.

Scubapro S-Tek Dive Equipment

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Potential to expand from Rec to Tec

The S-Tek range by Scubapro represents the cutting edge in recreational and technical diving equipment. With a design philosophy centred on the diver's evolving journey, it ensures that as your expertise grows, your gear grows with you. Start your diving journey with the essential elements: a SINGLE wing, harness, and backplate configuration. As you advance and your skills develop, you can expand your setup with a suite of additional accessories and tools.

For instance, if in the future you decide to delve into Extended Range or Technical Diving, you won't need to invest in a completely new gear set. The Scubapro S-Tek system easily adapts to your evolving diving requirements. All you might need is another bladder if you wish to dive in a twinset configuration. The S-Tek Bladder 40, with its 40 lbs lift capacity, are an excellent choice for extended-range diving, seamlessly managing the increased equipment weight. And for those aiming for deep technical diving with multiple stage and deco bottles, the Scubapro S-Tek 60 Wing is a clear winner. With an impressive lift capacity of 60 lbs, it easily handles the increased load. This flexibility to grow and adapt to the diver's skills is part of what sets the Scubapro S-Tek system apart as a leader in diving technology.

Whether you're exploring casually local reefs or diving into the hidden depths of a deep-sea wreck, immersing yourself in the eerie silence of a cave system, or experiencing the exhilarating chill of an ice dive, the S-Tek range stands ready to accompany you, serving beginner and advanced technical divers. This is your trusted partner, capable of turning every dive adventure into an unforgettable experience.

Scubapro S-Tek System: Rec to Tek

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Make Your S-Tek Rig stand out with accessories

Echoing the distinctive design of Scubapro’s classic G250 second stage, the S-Tek Expedition Reel is ready to accompany you on your deepest dives. Available with either 100 or 200 metres of line, this reel is built to withstand the rigours of underwater exploration. Its sturdy frame is constructed from marine-grade anodised aluminium, while the drum is crafted from injection-moulded fiberglass-reinforced Nylon for increased durability. Other notable features include an anti-snag stainless steel lock-down screw and an ergonomic anti-snag winder.

Designed with the needs of serious cave divers in mind, the reel boasts a clever line capacity gauge, ensuring that you always know exactly how much line has been deployed. The S-Tek Spinner Spools also echo the design of the classic G250 second stage. Constructed from durable injection-molded fibreglass-reinforced Nylon, these spools are sturdy, durable, and incredibly user-friendly. The Scubapro spinner discs at the centre remain stationary while the spool spins, ensuring that it remains secure in your grip at all times. Squeeze the spinner discs together to adjust the tension of the line. Spinner Spools are available with either 15, 30 or 40 metres of line.

To add a personal touch to your S-Tek rig, consider the Spinner Spool Colour Kit. This all-in-one kit is available with spool lengths in white, yellow, blue, turquoise, army green, orange, and pink. Not only does it offer a unique way to colour-coordinate your S-Tek Spinner Spool with your other gear, but it also ensures that your equipment stands out, whether you're diving in the crystal-clear waters of a tropical reef or exploring the depths of a subterranean cave system.

Scubapro S-Tek Equipment: Rec to Tec

Scubapro S-Tek Cookie Monsters :-)

The Scubapro S-Tek Arrow Cookie and Circular Cookie Monster Marker is an essential diving tool designed to enhance safety and organisation during underwater explorations in caves or wrecks. These circular personal cookie markers easily affix to guidelines and serve a dual purpose: marking reference points and indicating the presence of individual divers. The package includes ten cookie markers, all threaded on a bungee cord for easy access and retrieval. A robust stainless steel bolt snap ensures secure attachment and durability under any diving conditions.

The Scubapro S-Tek Arrow Monster is a purpose-built tool for cave and wreck diving scenarios. Its primary function lies in providing clear directional line markers, guiding divers safely during their exploration. The arrow shape not only offers distinct visual cues but also allows easy identification by touch, proving invaluable in low visibility conditions. The package includes ten arrow-shaped directional markers, all threaded on a bungee cord for convenient access. A stainless steel bolt snap ensures that your markers stay securely in place throughout your dive.

Scubapro S-Tek Cookie Monster

Conclusions on S-Tek Rec to Tec System

In conclusion, the Scubapro's S-Tek System epitomizes versatility in the world of diving equipment. Beautifully crafted, this system is designed to evolve with your diving progression, making it an invaluable asset for both recreational and technical divers. Its adaptability from a travel-friendly configuration to a fully functional technical diving setup truly sets it apart. With its remarkable range of wings, backplates, and harnesses, the S-Tek System holds the potential to be the final such system you will ever need, effortlessly matching pace with your every underwater adventure.