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Mares Dual ADJ 62X Regulator

Mares Dual ADJ 62X Regulator


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  • The Mares Dual ADJ 62X regulator takes what is best from its predecessor, delivering even better performance in a lighter package. The Mares Dual ADJ 62X is suitable for a travelling diver looking for a high performing regulator suitable for almost all conditions.

    The Mares Dual ADJ 62X - First Stage

    Mares redesigned and improved the well-known MR52X first stage, creating the MR62X, a 10% lighter, more compact and better-performing regulator. The environmentally sealed diaphragm increases coldwater performance, keeping all the contaminants such as sand, chlorine, saltwater away from all the internal parts. Regulators with sealed 1st stage systems, just like one on the Mares MR62x, offer a prolonged lifespan because they are less prone to corrosion. That's not all! The new Mares ADJ 62x first stage features patented NCC system (Natural Convection Channel), which assists in temperature exchange and increases cold-water performance even further. This is why this regulator is highly suitable for scuba diving from warm to cold waters and anything in between. This is a fantastic and extremely reliable unit for diving home and away.

    The Mares Dual ADJ62x first stage is equipped with Dual Flow Control (DFC) which delivers plenty of air at any given depth. Thanks to the Dual Flow Control, the drop in intermediate pressure is significantly reduced, improving the airflow and reliability of the 2nd stage. The regulator will deliver excellent airflow even when your breathing demand is highest, e.g. when primary and secondary regulators are simultaneously used.

    The Mares Dual ADJ62X also comes with ACT technology as a standard - no upgrade needed. The Advanced Coating Technology in valves comes from the top-performing "X" technical regulators and improves regulator durability.

    We have to admit that the Mares ADJ 62X is a beauty. It is manufactured from marine grade brass and coated in beautifully looking pearl chrome. It has four low pressure and two high-pressure ports offering cable routing to suit multiple diving styles.

    The Mares Dual ADJ 62x - Second Stage

    In line with the already weight-reduced first stage, the Mares ADJ 62X second stage is made of ultralight and robust techno polymers proving that this equipment is also made with a travelling diver in mind. The second stage features a large purge button that can be easily operated in thicker gloves - something beneficial when diving in temperate and colder waters.

    Like most Mares dive regulators the Mares ADJ 62x has been designed with Vortex Assisted Design (VAD). This unique system channels air through the bypass directly to the mouthpiece, increasing the sensitivity during inhalation, making breathing easier at any depth. This function finds its usefulness when the diver needs to work harder under more demanding conditions, e.g. facing the strong current. The VAD is also significantly reducing the risk of regulator free-flows and freezing. The excellent second stage further features the PAD System (Pneumatically Assisted Design) - a user-adjustable system that significantly reduces breathing effort. Implementing both systems in one great unit almost guarantees that you have a high performing, uber comfortable, and naturally breathing regulator!

    The finishing on the second stage is excellent. The Mares ADJ 62X comes with a comfortable, hypoallergenic jaw-fatigue reducing mouthpiece, equipped with a super lightweight and highly flexible hose and compact yet effective exhaust tee.

    The Mares ADJ 62x exceeds standards required by EN250:2000 tests. During the test, regulators are submerged in 4C (39F) or colder water. Regulators are tested in different breathing positions at the ambient pressure of 6 bar for five minutes, with 62.5 litres per minute airflow.

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    Features 1st Stage
    • The sealed first stage for a longer lifespan and cold water performance
    • Natural Convection Channel (NCC) system for improved cold water performance
    • Advanced Coating Technology (ACT) system for enhanced equipment durability
    • Dual Flow Control (DFC)Dual Flow Control for extraordinary performance in delivering gas at any depth.
    • 4 LP and 2 HP Ports
    Features 2nd Stage
    • PAD System (Pneumatically Assisted Design) - a user-adjustable system that significantly reduces breathing effort.
    • Vortex Assisted Design (VAD) for easier breathing and reducing chances of freezing and free-flows.
    • Ergonomic, fatigue-reducing mouthpiece
    • Made with techno polymers with a lightweight hose.
    SKU: 416271-DINBK
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