Apeks Lifeline Reels Reviews

Apeks Lifeline Reels Reviews

2021 is going to see a big push from Apeks as they move themselves from being known primarily for their regulators and a few other lesser known bits to being a full-on premium grade dive equipment manufacturer. First out of the blocks was the Luna torches closely followed with an expansion of the Lifeline reel range.

Lifeline Ascend

Just when you thought it might be time to reel back on your dive gear (see what I did there?), Apeks release these sexy looking ratchet reels.  While the range of Apeks Lifeline finger spools are more than adequate for launching an SMB from depth, the Lifeline Ascend reels are more rugged, require less effort and are perfect for operating while wearing thick gloves.

The clever bods at Apeks have matched the 4 available colours of the forged and anodised aluminium handle components with the colour range of Luna Mini torches (green, grey, orange or purple). They are available with either 30 or 60 metres of high tensile, high visibility line, an easy grip rubber handle and can be easily switched from left or right-handed configurations.

A stainless steel attachment point means you can choose to secure the reel to a D-ring or pocket bungee loop with a boltsnap and there is an integrated SMB attachment point, so you can “bag off” without any unnecessary fiddling.

Lifeline Guide

“Leading the way in every sense, the Apeks Lifeline Guide reel raises the bar in expedition focused diving equipment.” Primarily designed for use in overhead environments, the Lifeline Guide has also been machined in the UK with forged and anodised aluminium handle components.  You can always rely on Apeks to make practical gear that looks good and performs excellently.

The Lifeline Guide is designed to be used both left and right-handed, meaning the diver can simultaneously use a torch. The oversized locking screw and easy grip rubber handle makes this reel easy to operate even in thick gloves.

The 120 metres of high tensile strength line is designed to be highly visible in low light conditions. The textured friction plate allows you to manually add tension to the spool when laying line.

A stainless steel attachment point means you can choose to secure the reel to a D-ring or pocket bungee loop with a boltsnap.

Also, available in green, grey, orange or purple handle components.


Like all responsible manufacturers, Apeks have supplied the Lifeline Ascend and Lifeline Guide in plastic free packaging and all parts - except for the line -  have a lifetime warranty.