Apeks ThermiQ 8/7 Wetsuit Review

Apeks ThermiQ 8/7 Wetsuit Review

There are very few wetsuits on the market thicker than 7mm.  The challenge for most manufacturers is maintaining flexibility.  Apeks have cleverly designed this super-stretch eco-neoprene suit with the thick 8mm on the diver’s core for ultimate warmth and the 7mm material on the arms and legs for more flexibility.

Apeks has produced quality equipment for advanced divers since 1973 and the ThermiQ 8/7 is no exception.  It is perfect for long duration dives in a variety of environments. It is simple yet feature rich with large cargo pockets for keeping accessories out of sight but easily accessible. Internal bungee loops in the pockets keep your backup kit secure, and you nicely streamlined.

The across the chest semi-dry zipper makes it easy to put on, The zip’s internal water dam and internal cuffs on the forearms and lower leg minimise water ingress. The internal fleece keeps you warm throughout the dive and is quick-drying between your dives. It also comes with an integrated hood which reduces the amount of water that can enter the suit.

So what is eco-neoprene?

Apeks is committed to using environmentally friendly materials and processes whenever possible to help reduce their carbon footprint. The main neoprene compound in the ThermiQ 8/7 uses calcium carbonate from limestone to form chloroprene rubber chips instead of using dirty petroleum based ingredients. The lining is made from recycled plastic bottles and carbon black - one of the key ingredients of neoprene - is now made from scrap rubber tyres. This significantly reduces energy consumption and reduces CO2 emission by 200g per wetsuit.

The suit also uses water-based glue and Dope-Dyed Yarn which reduces water pollution, and it comes in biodegradable packaging.

Other features:

  • Non slip shoulder protection keeps your BCD in place and helps reduce wear.
  • A 3D silicone mask grip on the hood keeps your mask in place.
  • Fused edges on sleeves and legs, instead of traditional binding, allows the suit to stretch over wrists and ankles whilst providing maximum durability.
  • Keep your feet free from sand and grit while getting changed with the included change mat/carry bag, made from heavy-duty polyester.
  • Spine pad.
  • Supratex knee panels.


The ThermiQ 8/7 is warm, flexible, kind to the environment and made by one of the most trusted British diving brands – what’s not to like? Available for both men and women.