Useful Dive Clothing

Useful Dive Clothing



  1. able to adapt or be adapted to many different functions or activities.

At Mike’s we sell a variety of items that have multiple applications.  If you can use something “to the max” you are getting great value for money. I don’t mean dry suit socks with your wellies to walk the dog or wearing KUBI thermal gloves because you can’t find your mittens; I mean multi-purpose, essential dive gear masquerading as something else…….See our list below of useful dive clothing.

Some liveaboards provide their guests with ponchos on board. Put them on between dives to allow your wetsuit to dry in the sun and keep away wind chill.  The Fourth Element Storm Poncho is a multi-use item that you can get changed under either at the beach or on the boat.  It can also be a waterproof jacket for sailing or for warming up in between dives and after other watersports.  It works as a fancy-dress outfit to be Bruce Willis in Unbreakable as well!

Part of Fourth Element’s OceanPositive range, the Storm Poncho is manufactured using an environmentally friendly, fluorine-free waterproofing treatment.  The fleece backing contains 37% recycled yarn derived from post-consumer plastic bottles and S.Café® technology (recycled coffee grounds). It has generous hand warmer pockets adding to the comfort factor and the adjustable hood features a peak, providing excellent protection even in the worst of weather.

The Hollis Neck Gaiter is the chameleon of dive clothing. Is it a face covering? Is it a headband? Is it a snood? If it was legal you could use this item to rob a bank or impersonate the Invisible Man. A useful piece of head wear to protect from dust, wind or the sun, we love this quick-drying machine- washable thing of beauty!

The full range of J2 baselayers can be seen on our Undersuits page. Their original purpose was to go underneath dry suits for a 2013 cave expedition in Mexico but we know some of our customers use them as running wear.

This fast-wicking product maintains a dry zone next to the skin ensuring excellent thermal protection. Silver ions are incorporated into the fibres during the manufacturing process, ensuring that the bacteriostatic and anti-fungal properties of the fabric last.  The flat seams of the J2 Baselayer are also comfortable against the skin. Available for men and women.

The name kind of gives it away but rash vests/guards were originally designed to keep wetsuit rubber from irritating the skin.  Today most rash vests have UV protective properties and are used instead of sun cream as well as protection from irritating marine life stings. 

The Waterproof R30 Long Sleeved Rash Vest offers a 50% UV protection factor.  It is made of Spandex and Lycra nylon, is quick drying, flexible, durable and naturally antibacterial. The Scubapro UPF 50 Long Sleeve Rash Guard gives protection to your arms and torso against 98% of UV radiation thanks to its UPF 50 rating.  It is made of lightweight polyester which is abrasion resistant for long life.  It is also quick drying to avoid excessive cooling from wind chill.

Did you know that the material that Fourth Element use for their Xerotherm range was originally developed for NASA? So if you are a wannabe astronaut, why not take a look at the Fourth Element Xerotherm Hoodie?

Manufactured using ECONYL® regenerated nylon, (made in part from lost fishing nets) this hoodie provides the same thermal protection as the Xerotherm technical underwear range for before and after the dive. With generous pockets, thumb loops and a deep hood, it’s bound to find its way out of your dive bag and into your everyday wardrobe. Available for men and women.