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Fourth Element Womens Arctic Top

The Women's Arctic top is designed with securing thumb loops in order to avoid sleeves from riding up during donning of the drysuit. Remember to remove the loops afterwards and tuck them back underneath the wrist seals. The right arm features a small zipped pocket for a key or personal items.

Tucking the long length top into the high waistband of the leggings before donning the suit will prevent any separation of the top and leggings during the dive.


UK Sz 6 2-3 days
UK Sz 8 1 In Stock
UK Sz 10 2-3 days
UK Sz 12 1 In Stock
UK Sz 14 2-3 days
UK Sz 16 1 In Stock
UK Sz 18 1 In Stock
UK Sz 20 1 In Stock
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