Fourth Element Arctic Features

Fourth Element Arctic Features

The Fourth Element Arctic Undersuit is our favourite drysuit undergarment system due to the technology behind the Fourth Element brand!

Dual Layer
Dual layer Construction Using a combination of high insulation, quick wicking materials, the Arctic provides a micro climate for the diver, keeping the body warm and dry during the dive. Whilst the outer layer, which has water repelling properties, guarantees a snug fit, the high density inner fleece provides remarkable insulation, with maximum comfort and wicking.

Low Bulk
Low Bulk Insulation The Arctic depends upon less loft to perform because of the more effective management of air which is held in by the fibres of the suit. Instead of relying on the volume of the layer of air near the skin, the Arctic minimises the movement of air within the fabric, consequently reducing the rate of cooling, eliminating the risk of trapping the air and preventing its release from the dump valve.

Performance When Wet
Performance When Wet The Arctic keeps most of its thermal performance when wet, to such degree that divers have discovered it possible to complete dives in reasonable comfort after even the most fundamental drysuit failures. In some instances, divers have not paid attention to a leak in a wrist or neck seal until after the dive -that is how high performing the Fourth Element Arctic is!

Other Features
Other features of the Arctic include thumb loops for easy donning and a pocket on the upper right arm for small valuables. Furthermore, unlike other undersuits on the market, the Arctic undersuit is machine washable. Wash cool with half the usual amount of detergent. Spin and line dry, DO NOT tumble dry.