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Fourth Element J2 Baselayer Womens Top

Fourth Element J2 Baselayer Womens Top is made using a fabric constructed with silver ion technology in order to prevent infections.

This simple, close fitting garment, with super flat seams creates a dry zone next to the skin, offering better thermal protection for extended use under a drysuit.

Stay dry with this quick wicking, top performing undergarment, which removes perspiration away from the skin, offering outstanding comfort during even longer drysuit dives.

Fourth Element J2 Baselayer Womens Size Chart

Save money by buying our Fourth Element J2 Baselayer Women's Set with the top and leggings and receive a storage bag for free!


UK Sz 6 2-3 days
UK Sz 8 2-3 days
UK Sz 10 2-3 days
UK Sz 12 2-3 days
UK Sz 14 2-3 days
UK Sz 16 2-3 days
UK Sz 18 2-3 days
UK Sz 20 2-3 days
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