Tusa Fin Features

Tusa Fin Features

TUSA Fins are well known for their comfort and design innovation, consistently incorporating the latest in material and manufacturing techniques to maximise propulsion whilst reducing effort. TUSA fins are available in open heel for divers and full foot for snorkelers or divers in warm water.


TUSA Fins Vortex Generator

Vortex Generator

Six (6) performance ridges positioned behind the blade vent reduce resistance, creating a smoother and more efficient kick cycle.

TUSA Fins Direct Reflex

TUSA Direct Reflect

This advanced reflective material brightly reflects 180 degrees back to the original light source. Providing high visibility in low light conditions.

TUSA Fins Active Pivot System

Active Pivoting System

The combination of uniquely positioned holes that reduce drag while maintaining constant propulsion and the built-in fin stop creates a soft kick that produces great power.

TUSA Fins Anatomic Fin Strap

Anatomic Fin Strap

The AFS is anatomically shaped to offer a balance of flexibility and control to increase comfort, power transfer and to significantly reduce heel slippage found in many standard flat fin straps.

TUSA Fins Angled Blade Design

Angled Blade Design (A.B.D.)

The Angled Blade Design accommodates for this anatomical characteristic and ensures maximum efficiency throughout the kicking cycle.

TUSA Fins Bungee Strap

Bungee Strap

The heavy-duty elastic fin strap provides easy donning and doffing of fins. The quick adjustment accommodates five (5) adjustable positions.

TUSA Fins EZ Strap & Buckle System

EZ Strap and Buckle System

TUSA’s EZ strap and Buckle System allows fins to be quickly and easily adjusted with minimal effort. Adjustment can be made while the fins are worn, allowing for a precise fit and ease of removal when necessary.

TUSA Fins ForcElast


A proprietary thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) compound precisely positioned in an advanced blade and foot pocket structure. ForcElast delivers superior propulsion, efficiency and speed even with moderate power input.

TUSA Fins Hybrid Blade System

H.B.S. (Hybrid Blade System)

The patented Hybrid Blade System offers unparalleled propulsion, efficiency and power transfer in a multi-compound design. The H.B.S. is composed of incredibly stiff side rails and an ultra-responsive membrane blade giving unlimited kicking potential.

TUSA Fins Propeller Technology

Propeller Technology

TUSA’s advanced split fins employ Propeller-Fin™ Technology, which delivers ultra-high performance with a low amplitude rapid flutter kick. As the fin moves through the water its two wing-shaped surfaces create lift and forward propulsion like a propeller. Efficiency is increased while drag and effort is reduced.


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The fin blade is made of top quality Polyurethane material that provides a quicker response to movement over rubber and plastic fins.