Made to Measure Drysuits

Made to Measure Drysuits

A Made to Measure Drysuit provides the ultimate in customised fit and components specification, allowing you to completely tailor the drysuit to suit you and your diving. We are please to be able to offer complete made to measure services for Bare Drysuits and Typhoon Drysuits.

Sizing measurements can be taken at home and sent to us in order to process your order but we always recommend coming in to see us to be expertly measured, advised on fit and components as well as give you peace of mind that no little measuring errors have made their way into your records.

If you contact us in advance to made a fitting booking we can also make sure we have some suitable sizes for you to try on to give further confidence that the suit will be right for you and that the boots aren't going to be just a little too snug for comfort with an extra thick pair of socks on.

Bare Made to Measure Form and Instructions

Bare have made a handy measurement guide video to help you understand what exactly is required for each different measurement.

Typhoon Made to Measure Form and Instructions

The forms are extensive and measurements need to be precise. All measurements should be taken with thin, close fitting clothes on and bare feet. The necessary allowances will be made for undersuits during manufacturer but please let us know if you will be something a bit more out of the ordinary. If you have any issues with one of the forms please contact us on 0208 994 6006.

We also offered tailored fitting for a large number of other drysuit manufacturers including Oceanic, Hollis and Waterproof, all of which can be altered in the legs and arms to allow for a slightly shorter or longer cut. Generally this is a much faster option if only very minor alterations are required for a good fitting suit. We can discuss other manufacturer and drysuit options over the phone if you need a little advise, if you pop into the shop or during a fitting booking.